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Some of those who have represented this country at foreign courts previously held office in the Cabinet or were Members of the Senate are noted under these headings:

John Graham (1774-1820), Minister-Plenipotentiary to Brazil (1819), was brother of George Graham, Acting Secretary of War in the cabinets of Madison and Monroe. Charles Johnston McCurdy (b 1797), of Ulster Scot descent, was Minister to Austria (1851-52) and Justice of the Supreme Court. Miller Grieve (1801-78), born in Edinburgh, Representative in the Georgia Legislature, Chairman of Board of Trustees of Oglethorpe University, was Charge d’Affaires at Copenhagen. William Hunter (1774-1849), of Scottish parentage, a scholar and linguist, United States Senator from Rhode Island (1812-20), was Minister-Plenipotentiary to Brazil in 1834. William Bradford Reed (1806-76) was Envoy-Extraordinary and Minister-Plenipotentiary to China. Lewis Davis Campbell (1811-82), Chairman Ways and Means Committee in the thirty-fourth Congress, was United States Minister to Mexico. Robert Milligan McLane (1815-98), son of Allen McLane, was United States Minister to China (1853-55), Mexico (1859-60), and France (1885-88). John M. Forbes (d 1831), descendant of the Scottish family of Forbes, was Secretary of Legation to Buenos Ayres (1823) and Charge d’Affaires (1825-31). James Hepburn Campbell (1820-95) Member of Congress and Minister to Sweden and Norway (1864-67). John Adam Kasson (1822-1910), descendant of Adam Kasson (1721) from Argyllshire, had a distinguished career, the list of honors held by him is long. Whitelaw Reid (1837-1912), one of the half dozen most distinguished representatives of this country abroad was of Scottish descent on both sides. Wayne MacVeagh (b 1833), of Scottish origin, was United States Minister to Turkey (1870-71), Ambassador to Italy (1893-97), and was also Attorney-General under President Garfield Thomas Barker Ferguson (b 1841), diplomat and inventor, was great-grandson of James Ferguson who emigrated from Scotland at end of seventeenth century. He was Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries (1878-87), Envoy-Extraordinary and Minister-Plenipotentiary to Sweden and Norway (1893-97), etc His grandfather was a Member of the South Carolina Provincial Legislature and Member of the Council of Safety. Whiteside Godfrey Hunter, born in Londonderry in 1841, of Scottish ancestry, was a Member of Congress and Envoy-Extraordinary and Minister-Plenipotentiary to Guatemala and Honduras. Richard Renshaw Neill (b 1845), was Secretary of United States Legation at Lima, Peru, and has been Charge d’Affaires there eight different times. Hugh Anderson Dinsmore (b 1850), of Ulster Scot origin, was Minister Resident and Consul General in Corea (1887-90) and later Member of Congress (1892-1906). John Wallace Riddle (b 1864), held several diplomatic posts culminating in becoming Ambassador to Russia (1906-09). Thomas Cleland Dawson (b 1865), son of a native of Clackmannan, was Secretary of the American Legation to Brazil (1897-1904), Minister Resident and Consul General to Santo Domingo (1904), and author of “South American Republics,” a standard work (2 v 1903-4). George Brinton McClellan Harvey the present Ambassador to Great Britain is descended from Stuart Harvey who came from Scotland in 1820.