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A list of the most celebrated and admired authors of English as well as non-English from the different corners of the world. Select any author and start reading books online for free.
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A quick inventory of books that have been read and loved by generation after generation, and that remain as popular today as they ever were. Grab a mug of your favorite coffee and get ready to read free books online.
No. of  Books: 2689
No. of  Authors: 3988
Top 10 Fiction Books

Non Fiction
No. of  Books: 662
No. of  Authors: 3988
Top 10 Non Fiction Books

No. of  Poems: 194
No. of  Authors: 3988
Top Poetry Books

Short Stories
No. of  Stories: 844
No. of  Authors: 3988

No. of  Essays: 811
No. of  Authors: 3988

No. of  Quotes: 99704
No. of  Authors: 3988