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Dubliners, written by James Joyce, is a collection of short stories that celebrates the banality of the Irish middle class life. This collection of 15 stories was published in 1914 and captures the life in and around Dublin in the early 20th century, when the Irish were searching for their national identity. It is an in-depth analysis of the torpidity and stagnation of Dublin society. The collection depicts a lot of variety, the stories range from something as simple as "A Little Cloud" to something as complex as "The Dead". Dubliners should be read for its rich symbolism and intellectualism, besides, if you are new to the literary world of James Joyce, Dubliners will be a good choice to start with.
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Books by James Joyce are so cool. ReadCentral makes reading so easy. I no longer need to run to my library every time I want to read a book.

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James Joyce writes inspiring and interesting books.

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I like to read James Joyce 's books over and over again.
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