A Night Divided

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1: What does the GDR stand for?
East and west Berlin
German Democratic Republic
soviet union
2: How would you characterize Gerta?
shy and untrustworthy
trustworthy and brave
outgoing and brave
lazy and shy
3: What is the point of view?
3rd person omiscent
1st person limited
1st person omiscent
3rd person limited
4: what is most likely the theme of this book?
hard work pays off
freedom is worth dying for
bad stuff happens
people don't always have freedom
5: why did gerta and fritz build a tunnel?
to get to west berlin
for a secret hideout
to help people get to east berlin
to hide their corn seeds
6: what can you infer about how gerta wants freedom?
she doesn't care
she wants to escape for freedom
she likes her life how it is
she is to busy to worry about that
7: why was the Lowes family divided
mama and papa got a divorce
papa had to move for his job
the berlin wall went up
fritz had a college interview
8: what did fritz get gerta from the black market?
a bannana
9: what are the stasi?
border guards
business people
construction workers
the secret police
10: how does gerta know she needs to build a tunnel?
she sees clues from papa in the west
she has a feeling
her brother told her
her grandma told her
11: where did fritz ex-girlfriend work?
ice cream store
bike shop
black market
12: where did mama go for a couple weeks?
grandma gertude's house in the country
vacation in west berlin
concetration camp
13: why did mama go to grandma Gertrude's house?
grandma gertrude was sick
grandma gertude needed money
grandma gertrude broke her leg
mama needed food because she was poor
14: what are grenzers?
border police
mother in german
15: what happens if fritz doesn't report for military duty?
he gets grounded
he gets shot
he gets let off the hook
he gets arrested
16: how many years has it been since Dominic and papa got separated from gerta, fritz and mama?
4 years
10 years
8 years
2 years
17: when was fritz supposed to report for military duty?
end of june
january 5th
when he tured 16
18: where does gerta live?
west berlin
east berlin
19: who knows about fritz and gerta building the tunnel.
the stasi
grandma gertude
the school teacher
20: what does drab mean?
bright fun
gray and dreary
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