Animal Farm

Questions about the book, Animal Farm.

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1: What happened to Old Major?
He lead the farm to victory
He died 3 days after his big speech
He ran off
He was slaughtered
2: What did the animals do to Mr. Jones?
Hang him
Run him off the farm
Report him to authorities
Kill him and his wife
3: Whose idea was it to build the windmill?
4: Why did Napoleon run Snowball off the farm?
Because he claimed Snowball was a thief
Because Snowball was in alliance wiht Mr. Jones
Because he didnt like Snowball
He wanted the farm to be his
5: Why did Naspoleon have some of the animals executed?
They had confessed to their crimes
He didnt like them
They rebelled against him
He was bored
6: What is Boxer's first personal motto?
I will work harder
Go Snowball
Long live Animal Farm
Napoleon is always right
7: What happened to Boxer?
He retired
He died
He was sold to a factory and to be slaughtered to make glue
He ran off to rebell against Napoleon
8: What does Napoleon wish to be called?
Mr. Napoleon
New Snowball
9: What happened to Mollie?
She was slaughtered
She went to another farm
She was staying in the Jones' Home
Noone knows for sure
10: Who is blamed for the destruction of the windmill the first time?
Mr. Jones
The hens
11: Who begins to change the commandments?
12: What makes Napoleon sick, to make the other animals think he is dying?
The whiskey and alcohol he drank
Bad food
Sugar Cubes
Nothing he fakes it
13: What was the name of the battle for Animal Farm?
Battle for Animal Farm
Battle of Manor Farm
Battle of Cowshed
None of these
14: Who is Napoleon's side kick in controlling the farm?
The hens
15: How many commandments were there?
16: What is the name of the song the animals sung?
Beasts of England
Animals are Free
Down with Mr. Jones
None of these
17: What did the pigs begin to do that were human traits?
Drink alcohol
Stand on two legs
Wear human clothing
All of the above
18: What did Napoleon do with the humans?
Made plans with them
Made trades with them
Attacked them
None of these
19: Who was said to be on the side of Snowball?
The rats
The hens
The dogs
Clover and Mollie
20: Who believes the other animals are foolish?
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