Are you a diehard sister grimm fan?

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1: In book 1 who pick up the girl from the orphanage?
Grandma Relda
Herny Grimm
2: Who is Puck?
an elve
a dog
no one
an everafter
3: Who is Sabriana's little sister?
4: What is an everafter?
the undead
some name i just made up
a magical being who live for thousands of year without aging
a nice person
5: Which sister is Sabraina?
The older sister with blonde hair
The younger sister with brown hair
The younger sister with hair blonde
The older sister with brown hair
6: Which everafter is Mr.Canis?
One of the three pigs
the fiddler on the roof
The wolf
Prince Charming
7: Who is the Scarlet Hand?
The evil everafter group who is holdin the girl parent captive
A nickname
The name of the girl's old orphanage
A crazy color name
8: Who is mr.smick
the dog
no one
an family friend
a cat
9: What is the barrier?
Daphane's fav. saying
the family favorite hangout
A magical barrier made by a witch to keep bad everafter out of the town that remains until all the grimm die
10: What is the name of the town the grimm family lives in?
Ferryport landing
Welwood grove
Carvn lane
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