Are you a real and loyal BFF?

If you want to know more about yourself, take these questions!

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1: Your best friend is sick and you chat with her and say that you will come to her house but when you about to come, your crush ask you to go to the animal shelter, what would you do?
Say to your crush that you have to go to your frined house and we can go to animal shelter next time
Texting to your friend and say that your will come in next time
Just go home
Go to 2 place in difference time
2: Your best friend is lied about you with the other girls and they hurt your feeling , what would you do?
Say that you so OVER with her!
Explain to her why you don't like it.
Huge fight with her in the girl's bathroom
Just quietly
3: You have your crush in your school but your best friend don't like him , what would you do?
Tell her the truth about you and him to her
Ask her why she don't like him
Trying to make her stop hate him
Keep the secret
4: The popular girl in your school ask you to go out shopping with you, but you best friend nagging you to don't go because she might has some mean trick on you, what would you do?
Explain to your best friend to go
Agree to your Bff and don't go
Having a huge fight with your Bff
Forget about the whole thing
5: Your friend is always borrowed your stuff and always forget to give back to you and when you complaining to her, she just keep promise to give back to you, what would you do?
Having a huge fight with her
So over with her
Explain to her about her promise
Stop complaining about her
6: Your crush ask you to go to the movies, but your BFFs ask you to go to shopping, who do you choose?
Go with your BFFs
Go with your crush
Ignore all of that
Ask your crush to go shopping with you and your BFFs and don't go to movies
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