Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

Book comprehension quiz on Bad Kitty Meets the Baby by Nick Bruel

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1: Which descriptive words were NOT used to describe the dog when dog and kitty first met?
Foul and wretched beast
Deformed and grotesque
Cute and cuddly
Filled with a noxious, clear liquid
2: Who came to watch dog and kitty?
Uncle Jerry
Uncle Murray
Aunt Beverly
Aunt Furry
3: Who was called numerous times to get kitty out of the tree?
The police
The fire department
The ambulance
Santa Clause
4: What was the name of the game show in Kitty's brain?
Who the Heck is That Thing?
What Do I Call this Thing?
It's Time to Find the Mice!
What the Heck Is That Thing?
5: What was brought home to surprise Kitty first?
A dog
A cow
A bird
A cat
6: What was the second surprise for Kitty?
A toy
A fish
A mouse
A baby
7: What did Kitty think about the baby?
It was sweet
It was cute
It was loud and stinky
It was perfect and happy
8: Who were the contestants on Kitty's gameshow?
Panic, Hunger, and Lazy
Alert, Composed, and Gifted
Captain Readypants, Heafty, and Sunshine
Ready, Stinky, and Blue
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