Boy 21 Quiz Ch.11-20

Read the following questions and circle the best answer.

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1: Who shows up Finley's house and asks him to "Take a drive with me, Finley."?
2: What did Boy 21 agree to do?
Play basketball
Get a job
Stop talking about space
Stay away from Finley
3: Why won't Finley tell Erin about Boy 21 and his past?
Finley doesn't know what happened.
Finley is scared of Boy 21
It will hurt Erin
Coach told him not to tell her
4: Why did Coach ask Rod for?
Protection for Russ.
Stay away from Finley
To barrow his truck
5: What does Boy 21 do when people go to put carrots on his and Finley's tray?
He thanks them for the carrots
He looks at Erin
He gets mad and yells "We are not rabbits!"
He just lets it happen
6: What does the question above show about Boy 21?
He likes Erin
He's not scared to stand up for himself and others
He's scared
He likes carrots
7: Why does Russ bring cupcakes to Finley's house?
It was Finley's birthday
Finley wanted some cupcakes
He was hungry
It was his birthday
8: What was the first thing Russ says abut his dad?
He was a "Star Trek" fan
He was old
He was a musician
He was rich
9: Why does Russ not want to play basketball?
He doesn't like it
He's not good
He thinks his dad is coming to get him.
He thinks he won't make the team
10: Whats the reason why Erin and Finley breakup?
Erin cheated
Finley cheated
To focus on basketball
They don't like each other
11: What does Finley tell Erin the night they break up?
He cheated
Everything about Russ
He doesn't like her
He needs to focus on basketball
12: Where is Boy 21 usually at?
By Finley
The basketball court
13: What does Russ see Finley as?
A mentor
A good friend
None of the above
14: What does Finley see Russ as?
His shadow
None of the above
15: Why does Finley not want Russ to play basketball?
No one will like him on the team
He's worried Russ will get hurt
He's not good
Russ will take his starting position
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