Company Aytch Quiz

Multiple Choice Question Quiz on Company Aytch. Chapters 1 - 7

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1: Company Aytch is a
memoir of a Confederate soldier
history book of the Civil War
work of fiction that took place during the Civil War
journal of a Union soldier
2: The author of Company Aytch is
Mark Twain
Rowland Hight
Sam Watkins
Maury Gray
3: The narrating soldier in Company Aytch is
a brigadier general
a private
a general
a citizen
4: The author of Company Aytch
supported states' rights
opposed the Civil War
supported the Union
believed slavery should be upheld in every state
5: General Bragg
treated his men well
was a tyrant to the soldiers
never lost a battle
was loved by all his men
6: The way to win a lice race is to
have them practice
feed them well
heat them before they race
pinch them before they start racing
7: The narrating soldier thought generals
were always deserving of their title
were always arrogant
were unnecessary
were not always as honorable as some privates
8: The Union sniper that Sam and Tom shot
fell out of a tree
surrendered to Sam and Tom
ran away when shot at
missed all the Confederates he shot at
9: At the Battle of Murfreesborough
the Confederates were told not to shoot
the Yankees won
The Confederates won
A and C
10: When the spy tried to capture Sam while Sam was on his post
Sam captured the spy's horse
Sam shot the spy
the spy let Sam go
Sam's friend shot the spy
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