Greek Myths Quiz

You think you know your facts about Greek myths, right? Well, answer these questions and prove you are worthy!

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1: How were the gods born?
Rhea had them. Her husband was kronos, who ate his children except Zeus, fearing that he would be overthrown. After Rhea hiding Zeus, she fed Kronos a rock as a fake child, and he puked the gods and goddesses up.
Hera had them.
Athena sprouted from Zeus's head.
Zeus created them.
2: How were Artemis and Apollo born?
Hera disliked Apollo's mother, so she bestowed a curse on her so that she may never give birth to her children anywhere in existence. Two gods made up a fake island, and let the woman have her children on it. They were Artemis and Apollo.
Rhea had them, too.
Artemis and Apollo weren't born. Letter A is just a made-up story.
Who is Artemis and Apollo?
3: Who is Persephone and what happened to her?
Persephone? She is a mortal, and she married Hades.
Persephone ran away from her mother to marry Hades.
Persephone is the daughter of the goddess, Demeter. Hases needed a wife, so he stole her away.
Hades captured Persephone.
4: Who is Aphrodite and how did she form?
Aphrodite is the goddess of luck.
Aphrodite? who is she?
Aphrodite is Venus, her roman name.
Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love. She rose from the ocean on a shell. Like those pictures of "Venus," her roman name.
5: Hercules, son of Zeus, had twelve labors. One of these were:
Hercules had to complete twelve labors for an amazing reward.
Hercules was a mortal.
Killing the Nemean lion.
Eating a poisined soup.
6: Greek mythology is...
Not real people say, but sothers think it's a Legend.
Not real.
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