Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones

1st section book quiz covering chapters 1-17.

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1: What is Ciere is surprised to find in the bathtub? Chapt 1-3.
a dead man
a dead woman
a dog
2: With the release of the Praevenir vaccine, if the truth were known approximately 0.003% of people would discover this side effect, what was it? Chapt 1-3
hair loss
super powers
3: Why does Ciere wear a mask? Chapt 1-3
hide a deformity
hide from cameras
protection from sunlight
religious beliefs
4: In this excerpt, "Devon touches her arm and his voice is in her ear, low and urgent. "Four turns," he says. What was he telling her?. Chapt. 1-3
how many more turns until they reached the train station
the secret on how many times to turn the knob to open a secret door
that they were being followed by someone
The name of their secret rondevue point
5: While waiting at the train station, Ciere removes an item from her backpack that she had stolen from the bank "because it triggered a rush of memories". What was it? Chapt. 1-3
Montblanc fountain pen
Hello Kitty bobblehead
Rubber ducky piggy bank
6: What year is the beginning of the book set in? Chapt 1-3
7: What is the "Number 33"? Chapt 4-6
A piece of wall art
A signed rare baseball card
A Beethoven waltz
A numbered ornate piece of furniture
8: When we first meet Daniel Burkhart, where is he? Chapt 4-6
An interrogation room
At his hotel room
At the train station
In the park
9: Which immunity is missing from this list? dauthus, eidos, eludere, mentalist, illusionist, dominus. Chapt 4-6
10: It is scarce to find a person with this immunity. Chapt 4-6
11: How did Magnus greet Kit when he showed up at Kit's house? Chapt. 7-10
A fist bump
A smile followed by 'hello'
A slap in the face
A punch in the jaw
12: Who does Morana work for? Chapt 11-13
No one
Mobster Brandt Gundtram
Gyr Syndicate
13: Does Morana have immunity? If so, which category? Chapt 11-13
No, she was never vaccinated
No, she was vaccinated but shows no immunity
Yes, she is eludere
Yes, she is dauthus
14: Ciere's mom taught her "the game,... it was a modified combination of..." Chapt 14-16
Mother may I and Hide and go seek
Tag and Hide and go seek
Red light, green light and Tag
Tag and Mother may I
15: What color are Daniel Burkhart's eyes? Chapt 14-16
16: What does the acronym UAI stand for? Chapt 14-16
United Arab Immunity
Unions American Immunity
United American Immunity
Unity Across Immunity
17: What is the symbol for the UAI? Chapt 14-16
two circles overlapping
two squares overlapping
an infinity sign overlapping a triangle
two infinity signs overlapping
18: What item does Magnus throw like a frisbee? Chapt 14-16
trash can lid
19: When Daniel tells Ciere to Run, who is he warning her about? Chapt 14-16
A Bridge that is breaking
A Dog
The Mob
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