Kingdom Keepers

This book is about 5 kids who need to find out a mystery in Disney,.

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1: What was the first thing that Wayne wanted when Finn showed up after he fell asleep?
Wayne wanted food
Wayne wanted all the DHIs together so he can talk to them
Wayne wanted to go on a ride
Wayne wanted Finn to go away and never see him again
2: When they were in the castle heading up to the room what color tiles did they have to step on?
3: When Jez And Finn saw each other at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party what did Jez have on with her costume that matched something from Finn's costume?
a black mask
white gloves
green shoes
a red T-shirt
4: What did the letters spell?
the cat ran
I scream
My first pen
5: What came alive in Small World?
the sun
the dolls
the water
the cart
6: What was the trouble at Thunder Mountain?
the rocks were tumbling down on them
the track broke up so they were lost
the dinasour skeloton came alive
they met Malifacent their and she froze them
7: Who was trapped in Space Mountain?
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