Rangers Apprentice Book 1

Yay Rangers Apprentice!! This is over book 1, The Ruins of Gorlan

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No. of people scoring below 50% in this quiz: 17
1: What are the names of Will's ward mates
Halt, Julie, Harold
Jenny, Lucy, Martin
Alyss, Horace, Jenny
Does not live in the ward
2: What was Halt's test for Will
A test of curiosity
A test of his ability to hide
A test of mind
All of the above
3: What did Will first do when he got to Halt's cabin
Shoot and Arrow
Throw a knife
Get attacked
4: What craft masters did Will ask for?
battle school, horse school
chef school, diplomatic
writing, science
all of the above
5: what are the beasts that Will and Halt are following called?
Grover, and Jamer
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