The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1

This quiz is over chapter one, and basic knowledge of Sherlock Holmes.

Average Score for this quiz: 85%
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1: Who solves mysteries throughout the book?
Irene Adler
Sherlock Holmes
the King of Bohemia
2: What is the title of the first chapter?
A Study in Scarlet
The Boscombe Valley Mystery
The Blue Carbuncle
A Scandal in Bohemia
3: Who is Sherlocks' best friend and what is his/her profession?
Irene - Performer/Good with disguises
Watson - Doctor
the King of Bohemia - King
Basil - The Great Mouse Detective
4: What is Sherlock Holmes address?
221 Baker Street
212 Drakers Street
221 Basil Street
122 Bakers Corner
5: Who was the "culprit" of "A Scandal in Bohemia"?
Irene Apple
Dr. Watson
King of Bohemia
Irene Adler
6: What was being used to disgrace the king of Bohemia?
his coat and hat left at the scene
letters and a picture
a voicemail
an email
7: Who is the author?
R L Stein
Edgar Allen Poe
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Chris Sasaki
8: What did Sherlock do to trick Irene?
Create a scene with locals and have a smoke bomb seem like a fire
Compliment her clothes and hair
Smoke bomb the house and marry the Irene
Ask Watson to do all of the work for him
9: What did Holmes find after faking the fire?
a box full of letters on a desk
an envelope with secret notes
The hidden panel hiding a picture and love letters
a scarf belonging to Irene
10: What happened in the end?
The king lost his place as king
Sherlock failed to solve the case
Irene and the King got married and lived happily ever after.
Irene got married and agreed not to reveal the photo or letters but kept them for protection from the king
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