The Last Egret Pre-Quiz


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1: What is a rookery?
a tide in the ocean
a lunchbox
a place where birds go to breed and nest
a notebook for math class
2: What was one goal of the Seminole Indians?
to protect the land and animals
to destroy the land and animals
to build canoes for the newcomers
to build casinos so people could gamble
3: What is a pioneer?
a person who invents something
the first person or group to settle in a place
a Seminole Indian
a person who steals
4: What is a theme in the story The Last Egret?
early days in South Florida
5: What is a stowaway?
a person who is crippled
a person who sneaks onto a ship
a kid who wins a race
a piece of luggage
6: What is a barrier island? What is a barrier island?
an island that serves to separate by obstructing access
a tree growing on an island
Key West
a hurricane
7: What would women use feathers for in the 1800's?
Decorations for their homes
decocrations for their clothes
decorations for their hats
to trade with the indians for food
8: Property taxes are:
used to fund schools, roads, police, fire, libraries, parks, and sanitation
something that won't ever happen to you
keeping ttrack of who lives in your property
money you pay when you buy food
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