The Princess and the Goblin chapters 1.15

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1: Who is the author of The Princess and the Goblin?
E. B. White
J. R. R. Tolkien
George MacDonald
C. S. Lewis
2: Who is NOT a main character in the book?
Great, Great, Grandmother
3: How old is Princess Irene when the story begins
4: Why was Princess Irene kept inside most of the time in the country castle/home?
She was sickly and stayed only in her bed.
She was to be protected from the dragon who lived close at hand
She was protected by some goblins who came out at night
Her father was cruel and punished her by keeping her inside
5: Who does Irene meet after she sneaks out of her play room?
Her great, great grandmother
a wicked goblin
6: Who helped Irene and Lootie find their way home after getting lost on the mountainside?
the great, great grandmother
the king, Irene's father
a friendly goblin
A young son of a miner, Curdie
7: Which character is mysterious and is not believed in by most of the characters in the book?
The goblin king
The great great grandmother
The rich king
8: How are the goblins scared away?
by throwing water on them
by shooting them with an arrow
by reciting poetry to them
by exposing them to light
9: Who discovers a threatening plot planned by the goblins?
The handsome prince
Curdie's mother
10: What does the princess promise Curdie?
She promises to give him a kiss.
She promises to give him a book of poetry.
She promises to invite his family for a meal in the mansion.
She promises to give him a new horse.
11: What physical feature is true of the Goblins?
They have three eyes
They have no toes.
Their teeth are gold.
They look like horses.
12: What made Irene question whether the great, great, grandmother was only a dream.
She found that no one believed her when she talked about her.
She wasn't able to find her the second time she looked for her.
She knew that no one could eat pigeon eggs and still live.
A and B only
13: What was the king's response when he found out that Princess Irene got lost after dark?
He locked the princess up in the bedroom.
He fired her caretaker
He placed guards around the house to protect her
All of the above
14: What was Curdie hoping to purchase for his mother after working extra hours in the mine?
long underwear
a red petticoat
new pots and pans
a diamond necklace
15: What did great, great grandmother give to Princess Irene?
a ball of spun thread
a pigeon
a secret ring
A and C
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