The Shoemaker

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1: What is Enza's sister's name?
2: What did Ciro see in Enza that he hadn't seen in any other girl?
she was beautiful
she was curious
she was a fast runner
she was intelligent
3: Ciro's motto is:
beware the things of this world that can mean everything or nothing
you only live once
the harder you look the less you'll see
when you love someone set them free and if they come back it was meant to be
4: The novel spans an interesting period in time in American history when mass immigration and two major wars in the:
early 1700s until mid 1700s
mid 1700s to mid 1800s
mid 1800s to mid 1900s
early 1900s until the mid 1900s
5: Which type of Priest does Ciro's brother Eduardo become?
6: The opera plays a large role in Enza's life. Who is the great tenor from Naples who shows her much kindness and gives her a gold coin?
Luciano Pavarotti
Geraldine Farrar
Enrico Caruso
Vito Blazek
7: Ciro sustained injuries from the war from this.
Mustard gas
Friendly fire
8: In Minnesota, the families opened shoe shops. Enza took a loan out for what additional purpose?
To make and sell women's shoes.
To make and sell dresses.
To buy and sell shoes.
To pay for Ciro's trip back to Shilpario, Italy.
9: When Ciro was able to return to Italy. Where did he tell Giacomina, Enza's mother, where Enza was.
She was too sad to join him and stayed in Minnesota.
She got very sick on the ship and was at the hospital.
She was taking Anthony to his first college interview.
She was in New York helping Laura Heery with her new baby.
10: What did Enza give to her daughter-in-law, Angela?
A cameo suspended on a long string of pearls that belonged to her husband's mother.
The gold signet ring with the letter "C" inscribed.
A slim, plain gold bracelet.
A necklace with a holy medal.
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