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1: who of these are friends till death
vannessa domingez & vanessa rojas
spongebob and patrick
deeanna & sanjuanita
all of the above
2: who is most likeley to get married in the next couple of months
josh and samantha
amber and jonel
kimmy and rommey
david and kisha
3: why do people treat others like shyt
they like to
they have nothing better to do
actually hate them selves
selfish assholes that cant let the past be the past
4: why do we care what others think
neeed to be cool
have to feeel prittty
care what others say is cool
because we cant accept who we are our selves
5: what is the reason for this quizz
to show what we know
just for shits and giggles
show wtf i up
none of the above
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