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User Information
Any information that we collect while you register or use any of our services is strictly confidential. The information so collected is used for internal purposes only (like registration, service related issues, and so on). It is against our policy to share your personal information with third parties. Also, we do not sell your personal details to third parties for marketing purposes. Your information will only be shared in case of any government or legal enquiry. We believe the information imparted by you to be correct. We will not be held responsible for the information that we receive from your side.

ReadCentral Logos, Trademarks, Service Marks, Product Names, Service Names, Trade Names, etc. are solely our property. We have the license to use the same and any misuse, copying, misrepresentation, selling, or using of our Logos, Trademarks, Service Marks, Product Names, Service Names, Trade Names, etc. without prior written permission shall be interpreted as illegal and suitable legal action shall be taken.

Non-commercial Use
Any product/ services offered by ReadCentral for free can only be used for non-commercial purposes and is subject to terms and conditions mentioned herein. Commercial use of free products/ services in form of employee/ pre-employment testing, training purposes, licensing, business operations, copying, reproducing, leasing, selling, distribution, etc. is subject to legal action.

Data Privacy
Your information is only accessible to a few team members of ReadCentral for your security, comprising of experienced staff members who are bound by and adhere to strict confidentiality conditions. Our state-of-the-art technology ascertains optimum protection of your personal information.

Selling Rights
ReadCentral has the authority to sell any of its products/ services to any individual/ corporate entity. We also have the authority to prohibit any individual/ business entity from using some or all of our products/ services. Additionally, we have the authority to customize business contracts and agreements for different users/ clients.

Availability of Products/ Services
ReadCentral caters to various products and services which may however be unavailable temporarily or permanently. We shall not be responsible for minor/ major, direct/ indirect, incidental, or subsequent that may occur due to your actions or use of our website, products or services. We may change, revise, or amend any of our products or services temporarily or permanently without prior notice.

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