Quotes by Alfred Noyes
A shadow leaned over me, whispering, in the darkness,
Thoughts without sound;
Sorrowful thoughts that filled me with helpless wonder
And held me bound.
Enough of dreams! No longer mock
The burdened hearts of men!
Not on the cloud, but on the rock
Build thou thy faith again;

O range no more the realms of air,
Stoop to the glen-bound streams;
Thy hope was all too like despair:
Enough, enough of dreams.

Descend‚ descend‚Urania‚ speak
To men in their own tongue!
Leave not the breaking heart to break
Because thine own is strong.
This is the law‚ in dream and deed‚
That heaven must walk on earth!
O‚ shine upon the humble creed
That holds the heavenly birth.
Soundlessly, shadow with shadow, we wrestled together,
Till the grey dawn.
Never since Drake and Raleigh won
Our freedom of the seas,
Have sons of Britain dared and done
More valiantly than these.
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