Quotes by Alfred Russel Wallace
Every species has come into existence coincident both in space and time with a closely allied species.
The smell of the ripe fruit is certainly at first disagreeable‚ though less so when it has newly fallen from the tree; for the moment it is ripe it falls of itself‚ and the only way to eat Durians in perfection is to get them as they fall. It would perhaps not be correct to say that the Durian is the best of all fruits‚ because it cannot supply the place of subacid juicy fruits such as the orange‚ grape‚ mango‚ and mangosteen‚ whose refreshing and cooling qualities are so grateful; but as producing a food of the most exquisite flavour it is unsurpassed. If I had to fix on two only as representing the perfection of the two classes‚ I should certainly choose the Durian and the Orange as the king and queen of fruits.
I think I have fairly heard and fairly weighed the evidence on both sides‚ and I remain an utter disbeliever in almost all that you consider the most sacred truths... I can see much to admire in all religions... But whether there be a God and whatever be His nature; whether we have an immortal soul or not‚ or whatever may be our state after death‚ I can have no fear of having to suffer for the study of nature and the search for truth.
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