Quotes by Bret Harte
Later, when we were forced to accept the fact that finding gold was really the primary object of a gold-mining company, we still remained there
Virtue always meets reward,
But quicker when it wears a sword;
There is peace in the swamp‚ though the quiet is Death
Howbeit, though no scholar, I am not one of those who misuse the English speech, and, being foolishly led by the hasty custom of scriveners and printers to write the letters "T" and "H" joined together, which resembleth a "Y," do incontinently jump to the conclusion the THE is pronounced "Ye,"--the like of which I never heard in all England.
Each lost day has its patron saint!
Don't be too quick
To break bad habits: better stick,
Like the Mission folk, to your ''arsenic''.
And then, for an old man like me, it's not exactly right,
This kind o' playing soldier with no enemy in sight.
Well, no offense:
Thar ain't no sense
In gittin' riled.
But, when the goddess' work is done,
The woman's still remains.
And he says that the mountains are fairer
For once being held in your thought;
Bret Harte's Biography
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