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Ladies’ voices give pleasure.

The acting two is easily lead. Leading is not in winter. Here the winter is sunny.

Does that surprise you.

Ladies voices together and then she came in.

Very well good night.

Very well good night.

(Mrs. Cardillac.)

That’s silver.

You mean the sound.

Yes the sound.


Honest to God Miss Williams I don’t mean to say that I was older.

But you were.

Yes I was. I do not excuse myself. I feel that there is no reason for passing an archduke.

You like the word.

You know very well that they all call it their house.

As Christ was to Lazarus so was the founder of the hill to Mahon.

You really mean it.

I do.


Yes Genevieve does not know it. What. That we are seeing Cæsar.

Cæsar kisses.

Kisses today.

Cæsar kisses every day.

Genevieve does not know that it is only in this country that she could speak as she does.

She does speak very well doesn’t she. She told them that there was not the slightest intention on the part of her countrymen to eat the fish that was not caught in their country.

In this she was mistaken.


What are ladies voices.

Do you mean to believe me.

Have you caught the sun.

Dear me have you caught the sun.

Scene II.

Did you say they were different. I said it made no difference.

Where does it. Yes.

Mr. Richard Sutherland. This is a name I know.


The Hotel Victoria.

Many words spoken to me have seemed English.

Yes we do hear one another and yet what are called voices the best decision in telling of balls.

Masked balls.

Yes masked balls.

Poor Augustine.