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Sam Selwyn, with a night adventure.

Fred Bellamy, Selwyns unwilling slave.

Capt. Katskill, of the Kilkenny Irregulars.

Bosco Blithers, Professor of Penmanship.

Dibbs, a boy in buttons.

Mrs. Selwyn, Sams Wife.

Grace, Sams Daughter.

Lottie Blithers, secretly married to Fred.

Tilly, a parlor maid.


Selwyn.At first as described in the Scene, afterwards in
ordinary dress.

Bellamy.Walking costume.

Katskill.Exaggerated military style.

Blithers.Eccentric old gentlemans costume.

Mrs. Selwyn and ordinary home dress.

Lottie.Showily dressed in walking costume.

Tilly and Dibbs.In servants dress.


Feather-duster; felt hat; three tall hats of different sizes; sword; umbrella.