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Thou most Divine! above all women
Above all men in consciousness.

Thou in thy nearness to me
Hast shown me paths of love.
Yea; walks that lead from hell
To the great light; where life and love
Do ever reign.

Thou hast taught to me a patience
To behold whatever state;
However beautiful and joyful; however ugly and sorrowful.

To know that these are-all!-but
The glimmerings of the greater life-
Expressions of the infinite.

According to the finality of that moment
Now to come; in the eternal now, which thou
Sweet Presence, hast awakened me to-
I see the light-the way.

An everlasting illumination
That takes me to the gate; the open door
To the house of God.
There I find most priceless jewels;
The key to all the ways,
That lead from Om to thee.

A mistake-an off-turn from the apparent road of right
Is but the bruising of thy temple,
Calling thy Self-thy soul-
The God within; showing thee,
The nita of it all; which is but the half of me.

And as thy consciousness of the two
The nita and the ita, comes to thee
A three is formed-the trinity is found.

Through thee the Deity hast spoken
Uniting the two in the one;

Revealing the illusion of mortality
The message of Om to the Illumined.