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The most elementary and simple form in which mental vibrations are transmitted is that which may be called Thought Transference. In the category of Thought Transference may be included two quite general classes, as follows: (1) Involuntary Transmission of Mental Vibrations, and (2) Voluntary Transmission of Mental Vibrations, commonly known as Telepathy. In this part of this book both of these general classes of Thought Transference shall be considered in some detail.

Involuntary Transmission of Mental Vibrations.

Mental vibrations emanating from the brain of the individual take on the form of wave-like movements in the ether, which are accordingly known as “thought-waves.” These thought-waves are constantly being sent forth from the brains of all persons, and after being sent forth they spread in space from the immediate neighborhood of the person originating them, to a distance proportioned to the strength and power energizing the original mental state. These thought-waves have the power of awakening and arousing into activity corresponding mental states in other persons coming within their field of force, according to the laws of Mental Induction. It should be noted here that the activity aroused in the mind of the receiving person is accomplished by the setting into vibratory motion the Chitta or Mind-substance of that person, just as the receiving diaphragm of the telephone is set vibrating at the same rate as that of the sending instrument, and thus the original sound-waves are reproduced.

Thought Waves

Thought-waves are manifested in various forms, modes, and phases, and in different degrees of power. Some are emanated without any clearly defined desire or intent to accomplish certain ends, while others are charged with strong desire focused to a definite point by clear-cut ideas of ends sought to be accomplished. The latter, however, are usually entitled to be classed among the “involuntary” phases of Thought Transference, because the senders are generally unaware that thought-waves have an actual effect upon the minds of other persons; their thoughts and mental states arising in accordance with their feelings, desires, and general aims. Where the individual has learned that thought is an active power, he may deliberately send forth his thought-waves directed toward the person or persons whom he wishes to affect and influence.

The student must remember, however, that there is a great difference in the power and effective activity between thought-waves sent forth under different circumstances. Some are sent forth idly, and with no focused power or energy of desire and feeling, and such naturally are weak in effect upon others. Others are sent forth vitalized with strong desire and feeling, and focused with a clear ideal and mental picture, and, consequently, exert a far greater degree of effect upon the minds of others with whom they come in contact. The analogy of the waves of electricity holds good here, for just as the electric power may be strong or weak, as the case may be, so may the mental force be strong or weak under different circumstances, and in different individuals.

Vibratory Thought Force

The vibratory force of thought-waves persist for some time after their original emanation. Here, also we have analogies on the physical plane, as follows: The heat of a room continues for some time after the fire which originally caused it has ceased to burn. Likewise, the air of a room may manifest the perfume of a flower, or extract, long after the latter has been removed from the room. Again, rays of light persist in existence long after the star manifesting them has been blotted out of existence. In the same way thought-vibrations continue to manifest in a place, large or small though its space may be, long after the original sender has passed from that plane perhaps even long after he has passed from earth life.

Mental Atmospheres

A well known American writer on this subject has said concerning this point: “There are many places today filled with the thought-vibrations of minds long since passed out of the body. There are places filled with the strong vibrations of tragedies long since enacted there. Every place has a mental atmosphere of its own, the same arising from the thought-vibrations set in motion by the various persons who have inhabited or occupied them. Every city has its own mental atmosphere which has its effect upon persons moving into them. Some are lively, some dull, some progressive, some old-fogyish, some moral, some immoral the result of the character of the early settlers and leading spirits, of the place in question. Persons moving into these towns are affected by the mental atmospheres thereof, and either sink to the general level, or else, if strong enough, help to change the mental tone of the place. Sometimes a change in conditions bring a large influx of new people, to a town, and the mental waves of the newcomers tend to bring about a marked change in the local mental atmosphere. These facts have been noticed by many observing people who often have not been familiar with the principles underlying and producing the facts which the observers have so clearly discerned.”

The Contagion of Thought

The same writer says, along the same general lines: “Many have of course noticed the differing mental atmospheres of stores, offices, and other places of business. Some of such places give one an air of confidence and trust; others create a feeling of suspicion and distrust; some convey an impression of active, wideawake management, while others impress one as being behind the times, and suffering from a want of alert, active management. These differing mental atmospheres are caused by the different prevailing mental attitudes of the owners of the respective establishments. The managers of business places send forth thought-waves of their own, and their employees naturally falling into the pace set for them also send forth similar vibrations, and before long the whole place is vibrating on a certain scale. A change of management soon produces a marked change in the entire mental atmosphere of the place. In the same way, we notice the mental atmospheres of the houses we happen to visit; in this way we become conscious of an entire mental scale of many notes, the notes being sounded unconsciously by the minds of the occupants of the houses. From some thresholds radiate harmony, while others breathe the spirit of inharmony. Some radiate emotional warmth, while others chill one like an iceberg, by reason of the emotional coldness of the dwellers therein. Likewise, the low quarters of our cities, the dens of vice, and the haunts of dissipation vibrate with the character of the thought and feeling of those inhabiting them. And, often, the weak-willed visitor is thus tempted. In the same way, certain other places are charged with the vibrations of strong, helpful, elevating mental states, which tend to lift up and elevate, energize and stimulate the minds and feelings of those visiting these places. Thought and feeling are contagious, by reason of the laws of mental vibration and mental induction.”

Mental Whirlpools

The contagion of thought-vibrations is manifested by such vibrations coming into contact with the minds of other persons within the field of mental induction of the first person, and there setting up similar vibrations. We know that orators, actors, preachers and others addressing audiences of persons, send forth strong mental currents which tend to awaken corresponding vibrations in the minds of their hearers. We weep, smile, grow angry, feel happy, according to the character of the thought-waves, of the person on the platform or the stage, providing that we accept the same. And, according to the same principle, persons scattered over large areas are influenced and affected in the same way by whirlpools of mental vibrations set into original motion by some strong, masterful public man. A writer has said concerning this point:

Mental Tidal Waves

“We know how great waves of feeling spread over a town, city, or county, sweeping people off their feet, and causing them to lose their balance. Great waves of political enthusiasm, or war-spirit or prejudice for or against certain people, or groups of people, sweep over places and cause men to act in a manner which they afterward often regret when they come to themselves and consider the matter in the light of cold reason. People are swayed by demagogues or magnetic leaders who wish to capture their votes or patronage; and they are often led into acts of mob violence, or similar atrocities, by yielding to these waves of contagious thought. On the other hand, we know equally well how great waves of religious emotion spread out over the community upon the occasion of some great ‘revival’ excitement or religious fervor.”

Immunity to Thought Influences

Persons becoming acquainted for the first time with the above recited facts of mental vibrations, mental currents, mental waves, and mental contagion, frequently raise the objection that if all this be true, why are we not constantly swept off of our feet by these great waves of mental vibrations, whereas, in fact, we are seldom or never aware of them? The question is a natural one, and is capable of a satisfactory answer. In the first place, many of these mental currents neutralize each other, and thus both cease to exert any marked effect. And again, most persons are really “immune” to most of the thought waves reaching them, this by reason of the protective resistive power bestowed by Nature, and acquired during the evolution of the race.

To understand this, we have but to think of our immunity to the great majority of sounds and sights on the streets of a busy city. On a busy street corner, we are assailed by an infinitude of sounds and sights but we hear but few of these, and see still fewer. The rest of these impressions are lost to us, although we have ears to hear and eyes to see. We hear and see only those impressions which are strong enough to awaken our attention. In the same way we fail to perceive the numerous thought vibrations and mental currents constantly surrounding us, and our attention is attracted and awakened by those sufficiently strong and vigorous to awaken our attention. The analogy is a very close one, and the understanding of one set of phenomena gives us the key to the other.

Mental Attunement

It should not fail to be noticed, moreover, that we habitually receive and accept more readily those thought vibrations which are in harmony with our own average habitual mental states; and, according to the same general principle, we tend to habitually reject and fail to receive those vibrations which are inharmonious to us for the same reason. Here, you will notice, we have an illustration of the principle of “attunement” which, as we have informed you, is operative on the plane of thought and mental vibrations as well as on that of wireless telegraphy. Just as it is a psychological fact that we tend to see and to hear those things which are in harmony with our beliefs and opinions, and our interest, so is it a metaphysical fact that we tend to accept and absorb the mental vibrations which are in harmony with our opinions, beliefs, and interest, and to reject those which are opposed thereto.

Moreover, the person who acquaints himself with the law of mental vibrations and thought-transference acquires a practical knowledge which enables him to render himself immune to objectionable and undesirable mental currents or thought-waves. We are not necessarily open to the influence of every stray current of thought or feeling that happens to be in our immediate vicinity. Instead, by the proper methods, consciously or unconsciously practiced and manifested, we may, and often do, insulate ourselves so that these undesirable mental influences fail utterly to affect us; and, likewise, we may actually attract to ourselves the desirable mental currents. These principles and methods will be given later in this part of this book; they are mentioned here merely to acquaint you with the fact that they are existent and known to those familiar with this subject.

Voluntary Transmission of Mental Vibrations

Under the head of Voluntary Transmission of Mental Vibrations may be placed the following two general classes of phenomena, viz., (1) Voluntary Efforts to Exert Mental Influence upon Others; and (2) Voluntary Efforts to Produce the Phenomena of Telepathy, along Scientific Lines. Each of these general classes of phenomena will now be presented for your inspection and consideration.

Voluntary Mental Influence

Under the category of Voluntary Mental Influence we find much of the phenomena formerly classed as “Magic” and by this we mean both White Magic, or efforts to produce results beneficial to the person influenced, and Black Magic, or efforts to produce results beneficial to the person exerting the influence, and often to the positive detriment of the person influenced.

White magic. Under the category of White Magic may be placed all those efforts of mental healing, and similar phases of metaphysical therapeutics; and the accompanying efforts directed toward the general happiness and welfare of the person “treated.” The word “treatment” has sprung into use in this connection, in America and Europe, by reason of its employment by the numerous metaphysical cults and schools flourishing there. We hear on all hands of persons being “treated” for Health, Happiness, and Prosperity in this way. While in some cases, the “magic” is worked on higher planes than those of thought-vibrations, it is nevertheless true that in most instances the entire process is that of mental induction, along the lines described in the preceding pages of this book. In such cases the person influenced opens himself to the helpful thought of the person “treating” him, and thus a co-operation and mental “team work” is secured, often with the most beneficial results. This phase of the subject is too well known to require lengthy consideration in this book, and is more properly the subject of the many books devoted to this special phase of mental power.

Black magic. It has well been said that there are always two poles to everything in Nature, and continued experience and investigation seems to substantiate this statement. Whenever we find a force or power producing beneficial results, we may usually feel assured that the same force or power, turned in another direction, or possibly reversed in its action, will produce results of an opposite character. And so it is with this subject of “Magic” which we are now considering. While we would be very glad to pass over this phase of the subject, truth and duty to our readers compel us to state that White Magic has its opposite pole that opposite pole known as Black Magic, or the use of psychic force for selfish and unworthy ends. There is no use trying to pursue the ostrich policy regarding these things it is always better to face them boldly, and then to take means to avoid the evil contained in them.

We prefer to quote from other writers on this subject, who have given this particular matter the most careful attention and investigation, and who have set forth simply and plainly the result of their investigations and discoveries. Here follow several quotations from authorities of this kind:

Base Use of Mind Power

One writer says: “It is a fact known to all students of occultism that Black Magic has been frequently employed in all times to further the selfish, base ends of some people. And it is also known to advanced thinkers today that even in this enlightened age there are many who do not scruple to stoop to the use of this hateful practice in order to serve their own ends, notwithstanding the punishment that all true occultists know awaits such persons. The annals of history are full of records of various forms of witchcraft, conjuration, and similar forms of Black Magic. All the much talked of practice of ‘putting spells’ upon people are really forms of Black Magic, heightened by the fear and superstition of those affected. One has but to read the history of witchcraft to see that there was undoubtedly some force at work behind all of the appalling superstitions and ignorance shown by the people of those times. What they attributed to the influence of people ’in league with the devil’ really arose from the use of Black Magic, or an unworthy use of Mental Influence, the two things being one at the last.

The Secret of Witchcraft

“An examination of the methods employed by these ‘witches,’ as shown by their confessions, give us a key to the mystery. These ‘witches’ would fix their minds upon other people, or their animals, and by holding a concentrated mental picture there, would send forth thought-waves affecting the welfare of the persons being ‘adversely treated,’ which would influence and disturb them, and often bring on sicknesses. Of course, the effect of those ‘treatments’ were greatly heightened by the extreme fear and superstition held by the masses of people at the time, for fear is ever a weakening factor in mental influence, and the superstitions and credulity of the people caused their minds to vibrate in such a manner as to render them extremely passive to the adverse influences being directed against them. It is well known that the Voodoos of Africa, and similar cults among other savage races, practice Black Magic among their people with great effect. Among the native of Hawaii there are certain men known as ‘Kahunas’ who pray people sick, or well, whichever way they are paid to do. These instances could be multiplied almost indefinitely, but the basic principle is ever the same in such cases.

Modern Black Magic

“In our own civilized lands there are many people who have learned the principles of mental influence, and who are using the same for unworthy purposes, seeking to injure others and to defeat their undertakings, or else trying to bring them around to their own (the treators’) point of view and inclinations. The modern revival of occult knowledge has operated along two lines, and in opposite directions. On the one hand, we see and hear of the mighty power for good that mental influence is exerting over the race today, raising up the sick, strengthening the weak, putting courage into the despondent, and transforming failures into successes. But, on the other hand, the hateful selfishness and greed of unprincipled persons is taking advantage of this mighty force of nature, and prostituting it to the hateful ends of such persons, without heed to the dictates of conscience or the teaching of religion or of ordinary morality. These people are sowing a baleful wind, which will result in their reaping a frightful whirlwind on the mental plane. They are bringing down upon themselves pain and misery in the future.”

The Explanation of Sorcery

Another writer says: “In various stages of history we find the records of persons having been affected by the influences of witches, sorcerers, and other evil-minded, unprincipled persons. In most cases these so-called witches and sorcerers themselves were under the delusion that they were being assisted by the devil or some other supernatural being. They did not realize that they were simply using natural forces. Studying the history of witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, and the like, you will find that the devotees thereof usually employed some psychometric method. In other cases they would mould little figures of clay, or of wax, in the general shape and appearance of the person whom they wished to affect. It was thought that these little figures were endowed with some supernatural powers or attributes, but of course this was mere superstition. The whole power of the little figures arose from the fact that they aided the imagination of the spell-worker in forming a mental image of the person sought to be influenced; and thus established a strong mental rapport condition. Added to this, you must remember that the fear and belief of the public greatly aided the spell-worker, and increased his power and influence over these poor persons.”

The Power of Fearthought

The last-named writer explains the reference to “fear and belief” in the last sentence above quoted by the following very important statements, and these we ask every student of this book to firmly impress upon his mind, for a mighty truth is therein conveyed. The statements in question are as follows:

“Your attention is hereby called to a very important psychic principle involved in the manifestation of that class of phenomena in which is embraced the cases of witchcraft, sorcery, etc., with which the pages of history are filled. It is a well established fact that by denying the psychic power over you exerted by any person whatsoever, you practically neutralize the psychic power of such person, at least so far as its effect upon and power over yourself is concerned. The stronger and more positive is your mental attitude of immunity to such power, and your assertion and affirmation of that immunity, the greater is your own power of psychic resistance, and the less does his possible power over you become. The average person, not knowing this, is more or less passive to psychic influences of other persons, and may be affected by them to a greater or less extent, the degree depending upon the psychic development of the person seeking to influence him.

The Negative Pole

“At the extreme negative pole of susceptibility we find persons who believe firmly that other persons have psychic power over them, and who are consequently more or less afraid of such persons and of their influence. This belief and fear operates in the direction of making such persons peculiarly sensitive and impressionable to such influence, and thus easily affected by psychic induction. This is the reason that the so-called witches and sorcerers and others of evil repute have been often able to acquire such a power over their victims, and to cause them so much trouble. The secret is that the victims believed in the power of the other persons, and feared their power. The greater the belief in, and fear of, the power of the other persons, the greater the susceptibility to their influence; the greater the disbelief in such power, and the firm belief in one’s own power of immunity and that of neutralizing the effect of the psychic influence of other persons, the less is one’s degree of susceptibility, and the greater is one’s degree of immunity and power. This is the rule in the case keep it in mind!

Voodooism Explained

“Among the negroes of the South, in America, and among the Hawaiians, we find marked instances of this kind. The negro Voodoo men and women work Black Magic on those of their race who are superstitious and credulous, and who have a mortal fear of the Voodoo. Travelers who have visited the countries in which there is a large negro population have many interesting tales to recite of the terrible workings of these Voodoo black magicians. In some cases, sickness and even death is the result. But, mark you this! It is only those who believe in, and fear, the power of the Voodoos that are so affected. In Hawaii, the Kahunas or native magicians are renowned for their power to cause sickness and death to those who have offended them; or to those who have offended some client of the Kahuna, and who have hired the latter to ‘pray’ the enemy to sickness or death. The poor, ignorant Hawaiians, believing implicitly in the power of the Kahunas, and being in deadly fear of them, are very susceptible to their psychic influence, and naturally fall easy victims to their vile arts, unless they buy off the Kahuna, or make peace with his client. White persons living in Hawaii are not affected by the Kahunas, for they do not believe in them, neither do they fear them. Unconsciously, but yet strongly, they ‘deny’ the power, and are immune. So you see the principle working out here, too. Once you have the master-key, you may unlock many doors of mystery which have heretofore been closed to you.”


The following quotations from writers on this special subject contain detailed directions for the use of those who may have reason to believe that some other person or persons are trying to use psychic force, or mental currents, upon them for selfish purposes, or otherwise. Of course the general mental attitude of disbelief, and assertion of one’s one immunity is sufficient for the purposes of general psychic protection; but we have thought it proper to include the following special directions given by those who have made a close study of this subject.

One writer says: “When you come in contact with people who are seeking to influence you by psychic methods, either direct or indirect, you will find yourself able to defy their mental attacks by simply remembering the strength immanent in your Ego, or Spirit, aided by the statement or affirmation (made silently to yourself) ’I am an Immortal Spirit, using the power of my Ego, which renders me immune from all base psychic attacks or power.’ With this mental attitude you may make powerful even the slightest mental effort in the direction of sending forth your own mental vibrations, and these will scatter the adverse influences in all directions; it will often be found that the other person will show signs of confusion in such a case, and will seek to get away from your presence. With this consciousness held in mind, your mental command to another, ’Let me alone I cast off your influence by the power of my Spirit,’ will operate so strongly that you will often actually see the effect at once. If the other person be stubborn, and determined to influence you by words of suggestion, coaxing, threatening, or similar methods, look him or her straight in the eye, saying mentally: ’I defy you my inner power casts off your influence.’ Try this the next time that any one attempts to influence you either verbally or by means of thought-waves, and see how strong and positive you will feel, and how the efforts of the other person will fail. This sounds simple, but the little secret is worth thousands of dollars to every individual who will put it into practice.”

Repelling Adverse Influences

This writer continues: “Not only in the case of personal influence in the actual presence of the other person may be defeated in this way, but the same method will act equally well in the matter of repelling the mental influence of others directed against you in the form of ’absent treatments,’ etc. If you feel yourself inclining toward doing something which in your heart you feel is not to your best interests, judged from a true viewpoint, you may know that, consciously or unconsciously, someone is seeking in influence you in this way. Then smile to yourself, and make the statements mentioned above, or some similar one, and holding the power of the Spirit within your soul, send forth a mental command just as you would in case the person were actually before you in person. You may also deny out of existence the influencing power, by asserting mentally: ’I deny your power to influence me; you have no such power over me; I am resting securely upon the Spirit within me; I deny out of existence any power over me asserted by you.’ After repelling these absent influences you will at once experience a feeling of relief and strength, and will be able to smile at the thought of any such adverse influence affecting you in the slightest.”

Neutralizing Psychic Influences

Another writer gives us the following most interesting information and advice for use in cases of this kind: “I wish to point out to you a means of protection against the use of psychic influence against yourself on the part of unscrupulous persons, or any other persons whomsoever, for that matter. One is fully justified in employing this method of protection against even the meddling influence of other persons, who are trying to influence you without your permission or consent. The following is the method of self-protection or defense against this class of psychic influence: In the first place, you must, of course, refuse to admit to your mind any feeling of fear regarding the influence of other persons, for such fear opens the door to their influence, as all students of this subject know. If you have been, or are fearful of the psychic influence of any person, you must get to work and drive out that feeling by positive and vigorous denials. The denial, as all students know, is the positive neutralizer of the psychic influence of another person, providing you make it in full belief in its truth. You must take the mental position (which is really the true one) that you are absolutely immune to the psychic attack or influence. You should say, mentally, ’deny to any person the power to influence me psychically without my consent; I am positive to all such influences, and they are negative to me; I neutralize all such influences by this positive denial!’ It should encourage you to know that it requires far less force and power to repel and neutralize psychic influences of this kind, than is required to send forth the power; an ounce of denial and protection overcomes a pound of psychic attacking power. Nature gives you the means of protection, and gives you the ‘best end of the stick’; and it is your own fault if you do not use it effectively. A word to the wise is sufficient.”

Telepathic Phenomena

The second general class of phenomena in the general category of Voluntary Transmission of Mental Vibrations is that known as “Telepathic Phenomena.” In a sense, of course, all phases of Thought Transmission, and particularly that of Voluntary Thought Transmission, may be considered as forms of Telepathy; but for the purpose of classification and distinction we have in this book classed as Telepathic Phenomena merely those forms and phases of Thought Transference in which there is an agreement between the telepathic sender and the telepathic receiver, and in which the experiments are conducted more or less along the lines of scientific investigation.

Scientific Investigators

Scientific observers, for a number of years past, have been conducting careful series of experiments in Telepathy, and many volumes of the reports of such investigations have been published by various psychic research societies. Among the eminent scientists who have devoted much attention to this subject are the following: Professor Henry Sidgewick, of Cambridge University; Professor Balfour Stewart, of the Royal Society of England; Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour, the eminent English statesman and scientist; Professor William James, the eminent American psychologist; Sir William Crookes, the great English chemist, physicist, who invented the celebrated “Crookes’ Tubes,” without which the discovery of the X-Rays, Radio Activity, etc., would have been impossible; Frederick W. H. Myers, the celebrated investigator of Psychic Phenomena; and Sir Oliver Lodge, the eminent English scientist. All these men are of the highest international standing and reputation, and their acceptance of the phenomena of Telepathy places the same on a firm scientific basis.

How Experiments Are Conducted

The scientific experiments involving Telepathy, which have been conducted by numerous societies for psychical research and other bodies, have ranged from quite simple tests to those very complex. In all of these experiments there has been one person called the “sender,” and another called the “receiver” or names corresponding to these. The sender fixes in his mind a strong impression of the name or picture to be transmitted, and then makes a positive effort of the will to transmit the same to the receiver. The receiver assumes a passive receptive mental attitude, and then reports the word or image that comes into his mind. The more complex tests embody these same simple features.

Some of the early reports of the Society for Psychical Research, of London, England, show results most amazing to those who have not made a personal investigation of these matters. In some of the tests, the receiver correctly reported seventeen cards in succession, the said cards having been shown the sender, but kept out of sight of the receiver, and no possible communication between the two being allowed. In tests of naming small objects held by the sender, the receiver correctly named five out of six. In one complicated test, in which various objects, names, etc., were transmitted, the report shows a successful report of 202 out of a possible 382. Such results, of course, took the results entirely out of the operation of the law of averages. Other successful experiments showed a high percentage of results obtained from the reproduction by the sender of geometrical and other figures and designs exhibited to the sender.

Private Experiments

But, after all, the most convincing evidences of Telepathy are those which most of us have met with in our own experience. There are but few intelligent, observing persons who have not, at some time in their life, had experiences of this kind, in which the thoughts of others were perceived plainly by themselves. Many persons have established such a close rapport condition between themselves and friends or relatives that instances of remarkable thought-transmission between them are quite common and ordinary.

Development of Telepathic Power

Practically every person may develop a certain degree of telepathic power, sending, receiving, or both, by means of a moderate amount of regular and earnest practice and experiments. In developing sending power, the person should cultivate concentration, and the use of the will in the direction of projecting mental states; in the case of the desired development of the receiving power, the person should develop receptiveness and passivity, and a certain recognition of an actual telepathic impulse which is impossible to describe in words but which comes to every investigator, and which when once experienced is always recognized thereafter.

“Mind Reading

Perhaps the best plan for the beginner is to practice the popular “mind reading” experiment or game, which is quite popular in some localities, and among persons interested in this line of thought. The experiments of this kind are performed, generally, about as follows: The receiver leaves the room, and during his or her absence the company in the room select some object, large or small, such as a chair or a small penknife, etc., and the same is shown and named to the sender. Then the receiver is called back into the room for the experiment, and is blindfolded securely. Then the receiver takes the right hand of the sender and places it in his (the receiver’s) left hand, holding it firmly there. The sender then concentrates his mind upon the object to be “found,” and mentally wills that the receiver move toward it. The receiver then experiences a peculiar faint impulse in the direction of the object, and accordingly moves toward it. After considerable practice, the receiver acquires the faculty of not only finding large objects, but also is able to locate small objects, such as concealed rings, pins, etc.

Development Practices

This class of experiments, while open to the objection that there may be more or less muscular direction consciously or unconsciously given by the sender, nevertheless tend to develop proficiency in both sender and receiver. In fact, such experiments are perhaps one of the very best methods of developing projecting or receiving power along the lines of occult or psychic forces. This because the persons become familiar with the psychic processes involved, and their efficiency becomes increased by practice and experiment. This plan is like that of teaching a child how to walk by means of holding its hand, allowing it to rest on chairs, etc. In practicing such experiments, the receiver will soon become conscious of receiving the thought message in what may be called a “wireless flash,” instead of by the slower, and less clear process of transmission through the physical body of the sender, and thence through his own nerves. When the sender begins to experience these flashes of consciousness, he is ready to proceed to the next stage.

The “Willing Game

The second stage on telepathic development is much akin to that just described, with the difference that there is no physical contact between the sender and the receiver no holding of hands, etc. A variation of this is found in the familiar “willing game” in which the whole roomful of persons concentrates upon the receiver, and “wills” that he find a selected object. On the whole, however, the private experiments conducted by the sender and the receiver, with perhaps a few intelligent and sympathetic spectators, are far better than the “willing game” plan, in which there are usually many triflers present ready to make a joke of the whole thing, and thus taking away that true concentration under which the best results may be obtained.

Formal Tests

The third step in telepathic development is that of conducting experiments similar to those originally conducted by the Society for Psychical Research, previously mentioned. That is to say, the sender may select cards from a pack, coins from a pile, small objects from a collection, etc., and then endeavor to transmit the impression of the same to the receiver the latter then reporting his flashes of impression received. This may be rendered more complicated by having the sender in one place, and the receiver at another, the time having previously been agreed upon between them. In experiments conducted at long range, it has been generally found better for the receiver to write down the word, thought, or mental, picture which has been transmitted to him by the sender; and for the sender to write down the name or picture of the thing the idea of which he has transmitted. These memoranda serve not only as scientific proof of the experiment, but also serve as a barometer of progress being made during the experiments.

Automatic Writing

In this connection it may be stated that many investigators and experimentors along the lines of telepathic phenomena have met with considerable success in the direction of Automatic Writing from living persons, which of course is merely a special form of Telepathy. In some cases the communications received in this way were at first thought to be from disembodied entities, until later it was discovered that the thoughts were actually transmitted (in some cases unintentionally) by living persons. The late W. T. Stead, the London editor and famous investigator of psychic phenomena, who was lost on the “Titanic” several years ago, was remarkably successful along this special line of telepathic transmission, he being one of the most efficient receivers of this kind of which those familiar with the subject have any knowledge. His written records of these experiments are very interesting, and form a valuable contribution to this subject. In this class of experiments, the sender concentrates fixedly upon the thought word for word and wills that the recipient write down the word so transmitted; the receiver sit passively at the time agreed upon, and allows his arm and hand to be moved by means of the psychic currents beating upon him, and which are then unconsciously transformed into muscular action the process being similar to that of ordinary writing, except that instead of the activity of the brain of the writer being behind the muscular motion, that of the sender performs that task.

Psychic Sensitiveness

The student of this book will find in the succeeding portions thereof, from time to time, certain general instructions regarding the cultivation of psychic receptivity and sensitiveness. These general instructions are also applicable to the cultivation of telepathic power, and may be properly applied to that end. There is really but one general principle involved in all the many forms of psychic receptivity, namely that of (1) shutting the senses to the ordinary impressions of the outside world, and (2) opening the higher channels of sense to the impressions coming in the form of vibrations of the higher forces and finer powers of Nature. At the last, it is simply a matter of “getting in tune,” just as truly as in the case of the wireless telegraphy. These things are difficult to explain in ordinary words to one who has had no experience along these lines; but when one begins to actually experiment and practice, the way opens out gradually and steadily, and then the person can grasp the meaning of the little “hints” dropped by others who have traveled the same path. So, after all, it comes down to the matter of Practice, Experiment, and Learning by Trying!