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As we have said in the preceding chapter, in our consideration of the general subject of Clairvoyance, there is possible a general classification of clairvoyant phenomena according to general distinctions, as follows: (1) Present clairvoyance, in which the objects perceived by the clairvoyant are present in time and in space, although invisible to normal sight; (2) space clairvoyance, in which the clairvoyant vision includes objects and scenes removed in space from the normal perception of the clairvoyant; and (3) time clairvoyance, in which the clairvoyant perceives objects or scenes removed from him in past time, or future time.

While the general methods of manifesting these various forms of clairvoyant power are practically the same, yet the nature of these several forms of phenomena vary considerably, as we shall see when we come to consider them in detail in the following pages: this is particularly true in the case of the distinction between past-time clairvoyant phenomena, and future-time clairvoyant phenomena the difference between the perception of what has been, and that which has not yet been.

Present Clairvoyance.

In what is called Present Clairvoyance the objects perceived by the clairvoyant are present in time and in space, at the moment and place of the perception, although invisible to normal sight. It is seen at once that if the object seen clairvoyantly is present in time and in space to the clairvoyant, and yet is incapable of being perceived by the normal sight of the clairvoyant, then that object must be capable of being perceived only through vibrations above the normal range of the human senses. Perhaps the precise nature of this class of clairvoyant perceptions will be better understood by a more detailed description of the objects actually perceived by clairvoyant vision of this mode of manifestation.

The Human Aura.

In the first place, this mode of clairvoyant vision discloses the interesting phenomena concerned with the human aura, or psychic atmosphere which surrounds the human body for a space of several feet, assuming an egg-shaped form. A writer says on this point: “The trained clairvoyant vision sees the human aura as a nebulous hazy substance, like a luminous cloud, surrounding the person for two or three feet on each side of his body, becoming more dense near the body, and gradually becoming less dense as it extends away from the body. It has a phosphorescent appearance, with a peculiar tremulous motion manifesting through its substance. The clairvoyant sees the human aura as composed of all the colors of the spectrum, the combination shifting with the changing mental and emotional states of the person. But, in a general way, it may be said that each person has his or her distinctive astral auric colors, depending upon his or her general character or personality. Each mental state, or emotional manifestation, has its own particular shade or combination of shades of auric coloring. This beautiful kaleidoscopic spectacle has its own meaning to the occultist with clairvoyant vision, for he is thus able to read the character and general mental states of the person by means of studying his auric colors. The human aura is not in a state of calm phosphorescence, however. On the contrary, it sometimes manifests great flames, like those of a fiery furnace, which shoot forth great tongues, and dart forth suddenly in certain directions toward the objects attracting them. Under great emotional excitement the auric flames move around in swift circling whirlpools, or else swirl away from a centre. Again, it seems to throw forth tiny glistening sparks of psychic vibrations, some of which travel for a great distance.

The Prana Aura.

“The clairvoyant vision is also able to discern what is called the ‘prana aura’ of a person. By this term is indicated that peculiar emanation of vital force which surrounds the physical body of each and every person. In fact, many persons of but slight clairvoyant power, who cannot sense the auric colors, are able to perceive this prana aura without trouble. It is sometimes called the ‘health aura,’ or ’physical aura.’ It is colorless, or rather about the shade of clear glass, diamond, or water. It is streaked with very minute, bristle-like lines. In a state of good health these fine lines are stiff like toothbrush bristles; while in the case of poor health these lines droop, curl, and present a furlike appearance. It is sometimes filled with minute sparkling particles, like tiny vibratory motion. To the clairvoyant vision the prana aura appears like the vibrating heated air arising from a fire, or stove, or from the heated earth in summertime. If the student will close his eyes partially, and peer through narrowed eyelids, he will in all probability be able to perceive this prana aura surrounding the body of some healthy, vigorous person particularly if that person be standing in a dim light. Looking closely, he will see the peculiar vibratory motion, like heated air, at a distance of about two inches from the body of the person. It requires a little practice in order to acquire the knack of perceiving these vibrations a little experimenting in order to get just the right light on the person but practice will bring success, and you will be repaid for your trouble. In the same way, the student may by practice acquire the faculty of perceiving his own prana aura. The simplest way to obtain this last mentioned result is to place your fingers (spread out into fan-shape) against a black background, in a dim light. Then gaze at the fingers through narrowed eyelids, and half-closed eyes. After a little practice, you will see a fine thin line surrounding your fingers on all sides a semi-luminous border of prana aura. In most cases this border of aura is colorless, but sometimes a very pale yellowish hue is perceived. The stronger the vital force of the person, the stronger and brighter will this border of prana aura appear. The aura surrounding the fingers will appear very much like the semi-luminous radiance surrounding a gas-flame, or the flame of a candle, which is familiar to everyone.”

The Auric Colors.

Another writer says of the clairvoyant perception of the human aura: “As he looks, the clairvoyant will see himself surrounded by the luminous mist of the aura, flashing with all sorts of brilliant colors, and constantly changing hue and brilliancy with every variation of the person’s thought and feelings. He will see this aura flooded with the beautiful rose-color of pure affection, the rich blue of devotional feeling, the hard, dull brown of selfishness, the deep scarlet of anger, the horrible lurid red of sensuality, the livid grey of fear, the black clouds of hatred and malice, or any of the other hundredfold indications so easily to be read in it by the practiced eye; and thus it will be impossible for any persons to conceal from his the real state of their feelings on any subject. Not only does the astral aura show him the temporary result of the emotion passing through it at the moment, but it also gives him, by an arrangement and proportion of its colors when in a condition of perfect rest, a clue to the general disposition and character of its owner.”

Thought Forms.

Another phase of clairvoyant phenomena of this class is that of the perception of “thought forms,” as they are called by occultists. As all students of occultism know, a strong thought or emotion manifests a certain high vibratory motion, and takes upon itself a vibratory “form” which is plainly perceptible to the trained clairvoyant vision. These thought-forms manifest a great variety in appearance and character. Some appear in a faint wave-like form, something like the tiny waves caused by the dropping of a pebble in a pond of water. Others take on a whirlpool form, rotating and whirling as they move through space. Others appear like whirling rings, similar in general form to the “ring” puffed forth from the mouth of a cigar smoker, or from the funnel of a locomotive. Others glow like great opals. Others appear like jets emitted from the spout of a teakettle. Others twist along like a corkscrew. Others appear like exploding bombs. Others branch out arms like a devil-fish, which wriggle in all directions, as if striving to attach themselves to some object upon which they wish to take hold.

The X-Ray Sense.

Another phase of clairvoyant phenomena of this general class is that which may be called “the X-Ray Sense,” for indeed it enables the clairvoyant to see through a brick wall, or other material obstacle, or through a sealed letter, etc. The higher psychic vibrations easily pass through the most solid object, just as do the X-Rays, and consequently the clairvoyant is able to see what is going on on the other side of a brick wall, or the walls of a house. Likewise, the clairvoyant vision is able to pierce through the dense earth, and to perceive veins of mineral or metal lying concealed beneath.

Microscopic Vision.

Another phase of clairvoyant power of this general class, but one not nearly so common as those above mentioned, is described by a well-known occultist as follows: “Another strange power of which the clairvoyant may find himself in possession is that of magnifying at will the minutest physical particle to any desired size, as through a microscope though no microscope ever made, or ever likely to be made, possesses even a thousandth part of this psychic magnifying power. By its means the hypothetical molecule and atom postulated by science becomes visible and living realities to the occult student, and on this closer examination he finds them to be much more complex in their structure than the scientific man has yet realized them to be. It also enables him to follow with the closest attention and the most lively interest all kinds of electrical, magnetic, and other etheric action; and when some of the specialists in these branches of science are able to develop the power to see these things whereof they speak so facilely, some very wonderful and beautiful revelations may be expected.”

Space Clairvoyance.

In what is called Space Clairvoyance the objects, persons, scenes, or events perceived by the clairvoyant are removed in space from him often being located at points in space thousands of miles distant, in fact. The pages of works upon occultism, and those devoted to the recording of proved instances gathered by the societies for psychical research, are filled with the most interesting cases of this form of clairvoyant vision. Instances are recorded, upon the very best possible authority, in which persons with clairvoyant powers have been perfectly cognizant of events occurring on the other side of the world, or across the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. In fact, it would seem that distance and space are practically wiped out in this form of clairvoyant phenomena, and that it is just as easy to see clairvoyantly over the space of a thousand miles, as over that of a hundred feet the principle involved being precisely the same.

The Psychic Telescope.

Space Clairvoyance, or Distant Clairvoyance, is manifested in the form of Psychometry, Crystal Gazing, or Direct Clairvoyance, as we have said. We do not consider it necessary to record here any typical instances of this phase of phenomena, as the many books on this subject are chiefly devoted to a recital thereof, and every student is more or less acquainted with the same. The whole matter may be summed up by saying that in this form of clairvoyant vision, there is manifested what might be called a “psychic telescope with an X-Ray attachment,” thus enabling one to see at any distance, and through any intervening objects. This gives you a mental picture of the process.


In the theory of vibratory forces, as set forth in the earlier chapters of this book, we have the only scientific explanation of the phenomena of distant clairvoyance. Modern science, in its teachings regarding the radio-activity of physical objects, has thrown much additional light on this subject, and has corroborated the ancient occult teachings on the subject. These rays of higher vibratory power are like the rays of light or heat, although of a much higher rate of intensity and vibratory motion, and though the most delicate scientific instruments are able to register some of these, it is still practically admitted by science that the highest of these radio-active vibrations are beyond the scope and field of even the most sensitive instrument yet known to science. This is saying much when we remember that some of the delicate instruments of science are so sensitive that they are able to register the heat waves of a candle at the distance of one mile; while others are able to record the presence of certain chemical elements in the most distant of the visible stars, by means of the light waves carrying certain forms of vibration.

Sensing the Higher Vibrations.

Under the radio-active theory it is quite reasonable to conceive of the clairvoyant sense being able to register and interpreting these higher vibrations which are beyond the power of even the most delicate instruments of science. It must be admitted that the existence of such vibrations being granted and science tacitly admits their presence then ordinary distances on earth would be no barrier at all to the action of clairvoyant vision capable of registering them. Moreover, in such case all intervening objects would be penetrated by these waves, and as a writer has well said, “they would be able to cross one another to infinity in all directions without entanglement, precisely as the vibrations of ordinary light do.” Physical science and psychic science at last seem to have arrived at a common ground of understanding, and many of the most advanced scientists do not hesitate to admit this fact, though their more conservative brethren hesitate to do so.

Viewing Distant Scenes.

A writer has said of this form of clairvoyant perception: “The view of a distant scene obtained in this way is in many ways not unlike that seen through a telescope. Human figures usually appear very small, like those upon a distant stage, but in spite of their diminutive size they are clear as though they were close by. Sometimes it is possible by this means to hear what is said as well as to see what is done; but as in the majority of cases this does not happen, we must consider it rather as the manifestation of an additional power than as a necessary corollary of the faculty of sight. It will be observed that in cases of this kind the clairvoyant does not actually leave his physical body at all he simply manufactures for himself, and uses, a kind of psychic telescope. Consequently he has the use of his physical powers while he is examining the distant scene; for example, his voice usually describes what he sees even while he is in the act of making the observation.”

Time Clairvoyance.

In what is called Time Clairvoyance the clairvoyant is able to perceive objects, persons, scenes, and events removed from him in past time or future time. That is to say, the clairvoyant perceives things which have existed in the physical world in times long past, which things have long since vanished from physical existence; or, on the other hand, he perceives things which belong to future existence this which have never as yet been in physical existence, and of course are not in such existence at the present time. The careful student will see at once that the principle of manifestation governing these two respective phases of clairvoyance must be quite different; and, accordingly, the two respective phases must be considered separately and apart from each other.

Past Time Clairvoyance.

In what is known as Past Time Clairvoyance there is the manifestation of clairvoyant vision in the direction of scenes and occurrences of the past. Here, the clairvoyant perceives the events and scenes of past time just as clearly and plainly as if such were present before him in time and in space. Just as in Distant Clairvoyance it is just as easy for the clairvoyant to see things at a great distance as those at a short distance, so in Past Time Clairvoyance it is just as easy for the clairvoyant to see things and events occurring five thousand years ago as it is to see things occurring one year ago, or one week ago for that matter. The principle involved is the same in either case.

The Mystery of Seeing the Past.

To persons investigating the phenomena of clairvoyance for the first time, however, there seems to be a much greater mystery attached to the phenomena of Past Clairvoyance than in the case of Distant Clairvoyance. To such persons it seems that while the perception of distant objects, scenes, and events is wonderful and mysterious, still at the last it is merely the perception of something now actually in existence merely the extension of one’s normal powers of vision so as to include objects beyond the range of the ordinary vision, but, still, actually in existence though at a distance. The idea of the telescope enables the mind to grasp the naturalness of this kind of phenomena. But when it comes to the perception of things, scenes, and events which are no longer in existence things which have passed entirely out of existence the mystery seems to be increased, and incredulity becomes more insistent. But to the occultist there is really no more mystery in the one case than in the other both sets of phenomena are seen to be perfectly reasonable and within the realms of Nature. Let us now see how and why the occultists view the matter in this light.

Analogies on the Physical Plane.

We may find many correspondences on the physical plane to serve as illustrations of the phenomena of Past Time Clairvoyance, if we will but look for them. For instance, when we withdraw a heated stove from a room, the heat remains in the room. Likewise, though a woman bearing the odor of a certain perfume on her clothing may have passed from a house, the odor still lingers there. The wake of an ocean steamer is often visible for hours after the ship has passed from sight. As modern science expressed it: “Causes continue to exist in their Effects.”

Thousand-Year-Old Light.

But we have a much more striking illustration and correspondence in the case of the transmission of light from the distant stars, which we will do well to carefully consider. Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second. A “light-year,” as known to astronomers, means the distance traversed by a light wave (at the stated rate of travel) during the period of one of our earth years. Some of the distant stars are estimated to be fully one thousand light-years distant from us; or, in other words, the light we now perceive as coming from them really is the light that left them one thousand years ago. If one of these stars were to be destroyed, observers on this earth would not become aware of it for a thousand years. The star whose light we may now perceive may actually have been destroyed nearly one thousand years ago. Other stars are only one hundred light-years removed from us in space; others only a few years; others only a few hours. But the principle is just the same in all cases, namely, that we see the stars not as they are at the present moment, but as they were when the light left them, perhaps many years ago. Thus, as you see, we may actually perceive events long after their happening.

Reading the Light Waves.

Now, if our physical vision was sufficiently powerful to magnify objects on the stars, or if we had instruments to do this for us, we could actually witness scenes, objects, persons and events which had passed out of existence a thousand years ago. Their records are present in these light waves from the stars, and all that is needed is an eye or a telescope sufficiently strong to register them upon our mind. In a fanciful story written by Camille Flammarion, the French astronomer, many years ago, the principal character relates how, traveling in the astral body, he was able to witness the events of the French Revolution which had occurred many years before, by simply proceeding to the necessary distance from the earth and there perceiving the registered records in the earth’s light-waves traveling through space at the rate of 186,000 miles a second. In fact, by getting at the right distance he was able to see even the events of his own childhood and youth, every event of his life, in fact, up to the moment of his leaving the earth. This story, fanciful as it is, nevertheless is based upon scientific facts, and its happenings would be quite possible for a being capable of traveling at a sufficiently rapid rate through space, and also possessed of the power of magnifying the records of light rays. In fact, a person on earth possessing the power of Distant Clairvoyance might be able to duplicate these feats, providing he were able to come in rapport contact with one of these light-waves bearing the past-time records. Think for a moment, and you will grasp the point of this statement.

The Akashic Plane.

But this, however, is but an illustration of the correspondence on the ordinary physical plane of certain things on a higher plane of Nature. Past Time Clairvoyance is not dependent upon light-waves, or any other of the lesser phases of vibratory activity. Instead, it depends entirely upon the phenomena and facts of a higher plane of Nature a plane which occultists have called the Akashic Plane. Some occultists prefer the general term, “the Astral Plane,” but the former term is a closer and more definite one. The Akashic Plane, as known to occultists, contains the impressions or “records” of all events that have happened on the earth plane during the present cycle of earth manifestation. The very subtle and tenuous substance of the Akashic Plane the term “etheric” may best describe the nature of this substance contains traces and impressions of all the happenings of the past of this earth; and such impressions may be read and seen by the clairvoyant who has developed sufficiently high powers of vision. These Akashic Records have well been called “the substantial memory of the earth.” Upon the subtle etheric substance of the Akashic Plane are registered the records of every event, thing, object, happening, or activity of the earth which has existed or been manifested from the very beginning of the present cycle of the earth’s existence. These records will, it is claimed, persist until the final ending of the present earth cycle.

The Akashic Records.

The clairvoyant whose powers of Past Time Clairvoyance have been developed sufficiently, and who has mastered the art of concentration of his psychic attention, manages to come into more or less perfect en rapport condition contact with these Akashic Records, and is thus enabled to read from them what he sees there. To him it actually seems as if he were seeing the actions of things in present existence, and many excellent clairvoyants are ignorant of the existence of the Akashic Records, though they habitually read the contents thereof; these clairvoyants know simply that they “see” these past happenings they have not the faintest conception of how they are able to see them. This is no more strange than would be the case of a man who witnessed a moving picture for the first time, and who was ignorant of the mechanism involved in the showing of the picture, the existence of the film, etc., such a man would simply know that he “saw” the things, and he might even believe that he was gazing upon an actual scene in real life.

Degrees of Clairvoyant Vision.

There is, of course, many degrees of power and development among clairvoyants of this class; and as a result we have many varying degrees of correctness in their readings. Some have merely a glimpse, as through dim glasses; and some obtain merely distorted reflections similar to those of a scene reflected into the troubled waters of a lake. Others see far more clearly; but it is reserved for the trained occultist to read the records as he would read the scene before him on the physical plane. The clairvoyant does not become infallible simply by reason of the perhaps only faint awakening of his clairvoyant vision he is not suddenly gifted with omniscience, as some seem to suppose. There are almost always elements of error or imperfect visioning, except among the advanced adepts of the occult world.

“The Memory of Nature.”

A celebrated occultist says concerning the point just raised: “Comparatively few accounts of persons possessing this faculty of looking into the past are to be found in the literature of the subject, and it might therefore be supposed to be much less common than prevision, or future-time clairvoyance. I suspect, however, that the truth is rather that it is much less commonly recognized. It may easily happen that a person may see a picture of the past without recognizing it as such, unless there happens to be in it something which attracts special attention, such as a figure in armor, or in antique costume. It is probable that occasional glimpses of these reflections of the Akashic Records are commoner than the published accounts would lead us to believe. As usual, we find examples of all degrees of the power to see into this ‘memory of Nature,’ from the trained man who can consult the record for himself at will, down to the person who gets nothing but occasional vague glimpses, or has even perhaps had only one such glimpse. But even the man who possesses this faculty only partially and occasionally may still find it of the deepest interest.

Involuntary Clairvoyance.

“The psychometrist, who needs an object physically connected with the past in order to bring it all into life again around him; and the crystal-gazer who can sometimes direct his less certain astral telescope to some historic scene of long ago, may both derive the greatest enjoyment from the exercise of their respective gifts, even though they may not always understand exactly how their results are produced, and may not have them fully under control under all circumstances. In many cases of the lower manifestation of these powers we find that they are exercised unconsciously; many a crystal-gazer watches scenes from the past without ever realizing that he is in effect psychometrizing the various objects around him as he happens to touch them or stand near them. It would be well for all students to bear in mind that occultism is the apotheosis of common sense, and that every vision that comes to them is not necessarily a picture from the Akashic Records, nor every experience a revelation from on high. It is far better to err on the side of healthy scepticism than that of over-credulity; and it is an admirable rule never to hunt for an occult explanation of anything when a plain and obvious physical one is available. Our duty is to keep our balance always, and never to lose our self-control, but to take a reasonable, common-sense view of whatever may happen to us.”

Future Time Clairvoyance.

In what is known technically as Future Time Clairvoyance, we have the manifestation of the clairvoyant vision in the direction of scenes and events of the future. In this phase of clairvoyance the seer perceives the events and scenes of future time just as if they were present before him at that very moment. This phase of clairvoyance is far rarer and more uncommon than any of the other phases. In fact, it is so seldom met with in its perfection that its manifestation is a matter of greatest interest to those who make a study of the subject. It occasionally occurs in flashes, and can not be produced at will by the ordinary clairvoyant. Unfortunately, its very rarity and uncommonness cause it to be counterfeited and imitated by unprincipled persons.

Seeing What Has Not Yet Happened.

The student who reasons carefully and logically usually meets with what to him, at least at first, seems to be an unsurmountable obstacle in the way of a rational explanation of Future Time Clairvoyance when it comes to an understanding of how anyone can expect to see, or can really see, that which has never happened, he throws up his hands in despair. But, in this as in all the other phases of clairvoyant phenomena, there is found a reason and cause, although it requires some subtle thinking to find it, and to grasp it even when it is found. Let us see what are the highest teachings on this subject, as announced by the careful thinkers along the lines for many centuries.

Simple Prevision.

There is a phase of prevision, or prophecy of coming events, however, that is not true clairvoyance at all, but simply the subconscious workings of the mind along the lines of a supernormal perception of the laws of cause and effect. Give the active subconscious mental faculties the perception of a strong existing cause, and it will often reason out the probable effect (the almost certain effect, in fact) of that cause, even though that effect lies in the mist of the future. The subconscious mind works upon the principle that “coming events cast their shadows before.” But this, at the best, is not true clairvoyance it is merely the statement of “probable” results, and effects of existing causes, wonderfully exact and clear though the deduction may be in some cases. But a thousand-and-one unforeseen things may arise to completely upset the prediction, or deduction, for it is never actually true until it occurs. We must look further for real instances of Future Clairvoyance.

The Nature of Time.

That eminent scientist, Sir Oliver Lodge, offers an ingenious and interesting, though very technical explanation of this class of clairvoyant phenomena as follows: “Time is but a relative mode of regarding things; we progress through phenomena at a certain definite pace, and this subjective advance we interpret in an objective manner, as if events moved necessarily in this order and at this precise rate. But that may be only one mode of regarding them. The events may be in some sort of existence always, both past and future, and it may be we who are arriving at them, not they which are happening. The analogy of a traveler in a railway train is useful; if he could never leave the train, nor alter its pace, he would probably consider the landscapes as necessarily successive, and be unable to conceive their co-existence. We perceive, therefore, a possible fourth dimensional aspect about time, the inexorableness of whose flow may be a natural part of our present limitations. And if we once grasp the idea that past and future may be actually existing, we can recognize that they may have a controlling influence on all present action, and the two together may constitute the ‘higher plane’ or totality of things after which, it seems to me, we are impelled to seek, in connection with the directing of form or determinism, and the action of human beings consciously directed to a definite and preconceived end.”

The Oriental Teaching.

The Hindus, and other oriental peoples, however, have a clearly defined and positive explanation of the phenomena of Future Time Clairvoyance, which must be included in our consideration of the subject, even though it does involve certain metaphysical or philosophical conceptions which are apart from our present inquiry as conducted in this book. The oriental theory is based upon that basic conception of the eastern philosophies which hold that the beginning, duration, and ending of any particular one of the infinitude of successive universes created by the Supreme Being, is to that Being but as a single moment of time; or, as the celebrated Hindu proverb runs: “The creation, duration, and destruction of a universe is but the time of the twinkling of an eye to Brahman.” In other words, that to the Supreme Being, all the past, all the present, all the future of the universe, must be as but a single thought in a single moment of time an instantaneous act of consciousness.

The Eternal Now.

A writer on this subject has said: “Those occultists and metaphysicians who have thought long and deeply upon the ultimate facts and nature of the universe, have dared to think that there must exist some absolute consciousness some absolute mind which must perceive the past, present, and future of the universe as one happening; as simultaneously and actively present at one moment of absolute time. They reason that just as a man may see at one moment of his time some particular event which might appear as a year to some minute form of life and mind the microscopic creatures in a drop of water, for instance so that which seems as a year, or as a hundred years, to the mind of man, may appear as the happening of a single moment of a higher scale of time to some exalted Being, or form of consciousness on a higher plane.”

Absolute Time

The daring flights of metaphysical fancy have resulted in the general acceptance, on the part of advanced metaphysicians, of the postulate of the existence of an Absolute Mind, independent of Time and Space, to which everything exists here and now. To such a mind the entire sequence of events in the life-history of a universe would appear as a single unit of conscious experience an infinitesimal point of time in Eternity. The human imagination staggers at the idea, but logical thought finally posits it as an unescapable conclusion of extended thought. This, possibly, is the secret of Future Time Clairvoyance, Prevision, Second Sight, etc.

The Occult Hypothesis.

But it must not be supposed that the oriental occultists hold for a moment the theory that the clairvoyant actually obtains access to the Divine Mind or Absolute Mind, when he experiences this vision of future events their idea is very different from this. These occultists teach that the phenomena of each plane are reflected with more or less clearness upon the substance of the planes beneath it. This being so, it is readily seen that the seer who is able to contact with any of the higher planes of being might thereupon see the reflection, more or less clear, or more or less distorted, of that which is present in its completeness on the highest plane of all. This is a mere hint at the quite complicated occult teaching on this subject; but the capable thinker will be able to work out the full theory for himself in his own way. The important fact is that Future Time Clairvoyance is a reality that it is a matter of actual experience of the race, and one that has been authenticated by the investigations of such learned bodies as the Society for Psychical Research, of England, and other societies of the same kind in different lands. Future Time Clairvoyance, Second Sight, Prevision, etc., are facts as fully accepted by such societies as are the facts of telepathy.

“The Prophecy of Cazotte.”

Students of history are familiar with the numerous recorded instances of marvelous prophecy of future events, wonderful predictions of events to come, which have been fully corroborated and verified by subsequent events. We lack the space in this book to record more than one of the most celebrated of these historical prophecies, namely the Prophecy of Cazotte. We have thought it advisable to reproduce the story of this celebrated prophecy, as told by La Harpe, the French writer, who was present upon the occasion. It may be mentioned that the fact of this prophecy, and its literal fulfilment, is a part of French history. The time was just previous to the French Revolution, and the tale as told by La Harpe is as follows:

The Dinner of the Elect.

“It appears as but yesterday, and yet, nevertheless, it was at the beginning of the year 1788. We were dining with one of the brethren at the Academy a man of considerable wealth and genius. The conversation became serious; much admiration was expressed on the revolution of thought which Voltaire had effected, and it was agreed that it was his first claim to the reputation he enjoyed. We concluded that the revolution must soon be consummated; that it was indispensable that superstition and fanaticism should give way to philosophy, and we began to calculate the probability of the period when this should be, and which of the present company should live to see it. The oldest complained that they could hardly flatter themselves with the hope; the younger rejoiced that they might entertain this very probable expectation; and they congratulated the Academy especially for having prepared this great work, and for having been the rallying point, the centre, and the prime mover of the liberty of thought.

The Illuminatus.

“One only of the guests had not taken part in all the joyousness of this conversation, and had even gently and cheerfully checked our splendid enthusiasm. This was Cazotte, an amiable and original man, but unhappily infatuated with the reveries of the Illuminati. He spoke, and with the most serious tone, saying: ’Gentlemen, be satisfied; you will all see this great and sublime revolution, which you so much desire. You know that I am a little inclined to prophecy; I repeat, you will see it.’ He was answered by the common rejoinder: ’One need not be a conjurer to see that.’ He answered: ’Be it so; but perhaps one must be a little more than conjurer for what remains for me to tell you. Do you know what will be the consequences of this revolution what will be the consequences to all of you, and what will be the immediate result the well-established effect the thoroughly recognized consequences to all of you who are here present?’

The Beginning of the Prophecy.

“‘Ah,’ said Condorcet, with his insolent and half-suppressed smile, ’let us hear a philosopher is not sorry to encounter a prophet let us hear?’ Cazotte replied: ’You, Monsieur de Condorcet you will yield up your last breath on the floor of a dungeon; you will die from poison, which you will have taken in order to escape from execution from poison which the happiness of that time will oblige you to carry around your person. You, Monsieur de Chamfort, you will open your veins with twenty-two cuts of a razor, and yet will not die till some months afterward.’ These personages looked at each other, and laughed again. Cazotte continued: ’You, Monsieur Vicq d’Azir, you will not open your own veins, but you will cause yourself to be bled six times in one day, during the paroxysm of the gout, in order to make more sure of your end, and you will die in the night.’

The Shadow of the Guillotine.

“Cazotte went on: ’You, Monsieur de Nicolai, you will die on the scaffold; you, Monsieur Bailly, on the scaffold; you, Monsieur de Malesherbes, on the scaffold.’ ‘Ah, God be thanked,’ exclaimed Roucherm, ‘and what of I?’ Cazotte replied: ’You! you also will die on the scaffold.’ ‘Yes,’ replied Chamfort, ‘but when will all this happen?’ Cazotte answered: ’Six years will not pass over, before all that I have said to you shall be accomplished.’ Here I (La Harpe) spoke, saying: ’Here are some astonishing miracles, but you have not included me in your list.’ Cazotte answered me, saying: ’But you will be there, as an equally extraordinary miracle; you will then be a Christian!’ Vehement exclamations on all sides followed this startling assertion. ‘Ah!’ said Chamfort, ’I am comforted; for if we perish only when La Harpe shall be a Christian, we are immortal!’

The Fall of the Great.

“‘Then,’ observed Madame la Duchesse de Grammont, ’as for that, we women, we are happy to be counted for nothing in this revolution; when I say for nothing, it is not that we do not always mix ourselves up with them a little; but it is a received maxim that they take no notice of us, and of our sex.’ ‘Your sex, ladies,’ said Cazotte, ’your sex will not protect you this time; and you had far better meddle with nothing, for you will be treated entirely as men, without any difference whatever.’ ’But what, then, are you really telling us of, Monsieur Cazotte? You are preaching to us the end of the world.’ ’I know nothing on that subject; but what I do know is, that you, Madame la Duchesse, will be conducted to the scaffold, you and many other ladies with you, in the cart of the executioner, and with your hands tied behind your backs.’ ’All! I hope that in that case I shall at least have a carriage hung in black.’ ’No, Madame; higher ladies than yourself will go, like you, in the common car, with their hands tied behind them.’ ’Higher ladies! what! the princesses of the blood?’ ’Yea, and still more exalted personages!’ replied Cazotte.

The Fate of Royalty.

“Here a sensible emotion pervaded the whole company, and the countenance of the host was dark and lowering they began to feel that the joke was becoming too serious. Madame de Grammont, in order to dissipate the cloud, took no notice of the last reply, and contented herself with saying in a careless tone: ’You see, he will not leave me even a confessor!’ ‘No, madame!’ replied Cazotte, ’you will not have one neither you, nor any one besides. The last victim to whom this favor will be afforded will be ’ Here he stopped for a moment. ’Well, who then will be the happy mortal to whom this prerogative will be given?’ Cazotte replied: ’It is the only one which he will have then retained and that will be the King of France!’ This last startling prediction caused the company to disband in something like terror and dismay, for the mere mention of such things was akin to treason.”

The Fulfillment of the Prophecy.

To appreciate the startling nature of the Cazotte prophecy at the time when it was made, one needs but to be even slightly acquainted with the position and characteristics of the persons whose destinies were thus foretold. The amazing sequel to this wonderful prophecy is told by history within six years every detail thereof was verified absolutely. The facts are known to all students of French history of that period, and may be verified by reference to the pages of any comprehensive history of those times.

Other Historical Instances.

To mention but a few other celebrated instances of historic prophecy: George Fox, the pioneer Quaker Friend, had the clairvoyant faculty well developed, and numerous instances of its manifestation by him are recorded. For instance, he foretold the death of Cromwell, when he met him riding at Hampton Court; he said that he felt “a waft of death” around and about Cromwell and Cromwell died shortly afterward. Fox also publicly foretold the dissolution of the Rump Parliament of England; the restoration of Charles II; and the Great Fire of London. These prophecies are all matters of history. For that matter, history contains many instances of this kind, as, for instance, the prophecy of Caesar’s death, and its further prevision by his wife. The Bible prophecies and predictions, major and minor, give us semi-historical instances.

The Eternal Verities.

As a writer has said concerning this phase of clairvoyant phenomena: “This phase of clairvoyance is very fascinating to the student and the investigator, and is one in which the highest psychic powers are called into play. There is a reflection here of something even higher than the psychic plane there is a glimpse of regions infinitely higher and greater. The student here begins to realize at least something of the existence of that universal Consciousness ’in which we live, and move, and have our being’; and of the existence of the reality of the Eternal Now, in which past, present, and future are blended as one fact of infinite consciousness. He sees here the signboard pointing to the eternal verities!”