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“Here is a present for you of this little bedstead, and the pretty doll baby; who will go to sleep the moment you put her in bed.  Don’t cry any more, my little kitten, and rosebud, and pearl, and dove.  I will pray to our Heavenly Father to take care of us both, and before long you will be clasped tight in the arms of your loving mother.”

The little girl’s lip trembled, as Edith finished the letter; but she lifted up the baby just then — and the blue eyes opened so suddenly, that it set Bella laughing — and she said lovingly:  “Pessus keeter, come to mamma,” and so the little mamma that couldn’t say “precious creature” plain, forgot to cry.

“Why! only see here!” exclaimed Edith, “here is another bundle under the bedstead!  It must have come from the moon;” and drawing it out, she handed it to Bella.

“Oh! how ’lightful,” cried Bella.  “Two bundles!  I shall jump out of the window for joy.”

And now the paper was eagerly taken off, and lo! and behold! there was a most beautiful pair of little brown gaiter boots.

“With heels!” screamed Bella.  “How grandy! like a big lady! look, Edith — heels!”

“Did I ever!” said Edith, lifting up her hands, “you will tumble down stairs the very first time you wear them.”

“Boots with heels!” and Bella began to try them on.  Something stiff rattled inside — and she put in her hand and pulled out — another letter!  It was almost too good to be true.

But Edith soon read these kind words: