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Astorax, King of Paphos.
Memnon, the General and the Mad Lover.
Polydor, Brother to Memnon, beloved of Calis.
Eumenes, Polybius - two eminent Souldiers.
Chilax,  an old merry Souldier.
Syphax,  a Souldier in love with the Princess.
Stremon, a Souldier that can sing.
Demagoras, Servant to the General.


Calis, Sister to the King, and Mistris to Memnon.
Cleanthe Sister to Syphax.
Lucippe, one of the Princesses Women.
Priest of Venus, an old wanton.
A Nun.
Cloe, a Camp Baggage

The Scene Paphos.

The principal Actors were,

Richard Burbadge.
Robert Benfeild.
Nathanael Feild.
Henry Condel.
John Lowin.
William Eglestone.
Richard Sharpe.