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Julius to Raphael.

I have been looking over my papers this morning.  Among them I have found a lost memorandum written down in those happy hours when I was inspired with a proud enthusiasm.  But on looking over it how different seem all the things treated of!  My former views look like the gloomy boarding of a playhouse when the lights have been removed.  My heart sought a philosophy, and imagination substituted her dreams.  I took the warmest for the truest coloring.

I seek for the laws of spirits-I soar up to the infinite, but I forget to prove that they really exist.  A bold attack of materialism overthrows my creation.

You will read through this fragment, my dear Raphael.  Would that you could succeed in kindling once again the extinct flames of my enthusiasm, to reconcile me again to my genius! but my pride has sunk so low that even Raphael’s friendly hand can hardly raise me up again.