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The professor walked through the garden into a pavilion at one of its corners, where he lived alone in order not to be disturbed by his wife.

He went up the stairway leading to his little room, and complained so much of his pains in the stomach that Madame Adolphe filled him with camomile tea.

“Ah, here is a carriage!  It is Madame returning in great anxiety, I am sure,” said Madame Adolphe, giving to the professor his sixth cup of camomile tea.  “Now, sir, I hope that you will be able to drink it without me.  Do not let it fall all over your bed.  You know how Madame would laugh.  You are very happy to have a little wife who is so amiable and so joyful.”

“Say nothing to her, my child,” exclaimed the professor, whose features expressed a sort of childish fear.

The truly great man is always more or less a child.