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KAHN (M.), son of a Jewish banker at Bordeaux; a deputy who was engaged in a scheme for the construction of a railway from Niort to Angers. He was chiefly anxious for this, as the proposed line would pass through Bressure, where he had some blast-furnaces, the value of which it would considerably increase. Rougon supported him energetically, and had almost secured the grant when his retirement from office delayed the scheme for some years. Soon after Rougon’s appointment as Minister of the Interior the grant was obtained, and he accompanied Kahn to Niort to attend the inauguration of the scheme. Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.

KAHN (MADAME), wife of the preceding. She lived a very retired life at Paris. Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.

KELLER (LES), well-known leaders of society in Paris. It was at their house that Baroness Sandorff first met Gundermann. L’Argent.

KOLB (M.), a banker whose business consisted to a large extent in gold arbitrage, buying foreign coins, and melting them into gold bars. He was a man of Jewish origin, and having heard that Daigremont was to be connected with the Universal Bank, he readily agreed to become a director. Being a cautious man, however, he sold all his shares before the final collapse. L’Argent.