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WEISS, husband of Henriette Levasseur, and cousin of Otto Gunther. He got a situation in the refinery at Chene-Populeux, almost in a menial position, but he gradually educated himself, and by dint of hard work raised himself to the position of accountant. A clear-headed man, he early saw the causes that were to lead to the downfall of his country, and expressed himself strongly regarding the unprepared state of the army. Weiss lived at Sedan, but in 1870 he had just bought a little house at Bazeilles, where he slept the night before the battle. He was frantic at the idea that the Prussians might pillage and perhaps destroy the dwelling so long desired and so hardly acquired, and when the attack was made he took an active part in the fighting. Captured by the Prussians, and being a civilian, he was at once condemned to be shot, and the sentence was carried out before the eyes of his wife, who had come from Sedan to look for him. La Debacle.

WEISS (MADAME), wife of the preceding. See Henriette Levasseur. La Debacle.

WORMS, a famous costumier, before whom the ladies of the Second Empire bowed the knee. Renee Saccard was one of his customers, and when she died owed him an account of two hundred and fifty-seven thousand francs. La Curee.