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Our dear children gave a party,
Not one grown person there;
And the laughter, it was hearty,
Without a servant’s care.

“One must,” said they, “a servant be,”
And quick they cried, “one should.”
So they cast lots, did that par ty:
The lot fell on T. Good.

They rang the bell, he never came;
They called, he would not hear;
They stamped, but it was all the same,
T. Good would not appear.

They coaxed him in with marmalade,
To take a letter out.
He said that he was scarcely made
“To post and run about!”

Said he, “I’ve seen rich people do
Kind acts for servants’ good;
But seldom have I known, its true,
Them act as e’er they should!

“That is, you know, quite to a T,
And sure as eggs are eggs,
Men-servants in a family,
Care mostly for their legs!”

Oh! Tommy was quite rated high
By all the children fair.
He pardon begged, and quick did fly
To run both here and there.

Now mind and do as you are bid,
Or you’ll come in for blame;
And never let your joy be hid
Beneath some passing shame.