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For little Children to Learn.

I Must Pray
Both Night and Day.
Before I Eat,
I must entreat
That God would Bless to me my Meat.
I must not play
On the Sabbath-day:
But I must hear
God’s Word in Fear.
I must not SWEAR.
I must not Lye, I must not Feign,
I must not take God’s Name in vain.
I must not Rail.
I must not Steal.
It is a Sin
To steal a Pin,
Much more to steal a greater thing.
It’s better for me to be poor,
And beg my Bread from door to door,
Than to steal my Neighbour’s Store.
I must Work, and I must Pray,
And God will feed me day by day,
Mine honest Labours God will Bless,
But he hateth Idleness.
My King, and all my Governors,
My Parents and Superiors,
These I must Honour and Obey,
To these I must my Duty pay.
I must not be Rude nor Wild,
I must not be a Wanton Child:
I must sing no wanton Songs,
I must forgive my Neighbours wrongs:
I must speak of no Man ill,
But to all must bear good will:
I had better die
Than tell a Lie.
I must not sin,
A World to win.
My Tongue
Must do no wrong.
If my Tongue do here Rebel,
Then my Tongue must burn in Hell.
I must Read,
I must heed,
And on the Scriptures I must feed.
I must
Put my Trust
In Christ above,
The God of Love.
Christ alone my Soul can save,
And raise my Body from the Grave.
Christ alone must have my Heart,
Christ and I must never part.
Lord, Grant that I
In Faith may dye,
And live with Christ Eternally!