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A story.

“Fluffie, come here; I have some news,” said Lady Gray three years after the stealing of Stuffie, Highhead, Longlegs, and Bigfoot. Lady Featherly had long ago returned to Chicken Place. Everything had gone on quietly at Fowl Farm.

“What is your news, lady?” asked Fluffie.

“You remember, Fluff,” said the lady, “that visit we made over at Beauty Spot?”


“You remember Tanglelegs?”


“Well, she wants to come up for the Winter.”

“My dear lady, we don’t want her up here,” said Fluff.

“So I think, but we can’t tell her not to come. Mrs. Bluehen has a house full. She can’t take her.”

“I have an idea, lady. You know Blackie and Tiptoe are in the old house. Why couldn’t she go with them?”

“Just it. I will write to Tangle now.”

“Cousin Mike,” said Tanglelegs, a day after her arrival at Fowl Farm, “it is a very hot afternoon. We can’t sleep. Won’t you please tell a story?”

“Well, yes. What do you want to hear?” asked Red Nose.


“Well, one morning about nine years ago, when we were young, we belonged to a family who lived about fifteen miles from here. They had all kinds of fowls, turkeys, ducks, and everything. One night our mistress came with her maid and examined us closely. She decided she had too many chickens, so half a dozen of us were stopped up ready to be sold in the morning. After awhile other chickens came to talk to us and we found out a way to get out.

“We sent for our friend the dog, or as we called him, Sir Dixie. He came. We asked him to stand up on his hind legs and push the door of the box we were in with his nose and then we could fly out. Sir Dixie was very glad to help us, so we soon got out, but we could not stay there any longer, for of course it was not safe. So we started out, and after awhile reached Fowl Farm. And we have, as you see, been here ever since.”