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Important to the Nation. - It is impossible to fully comprehend how important to us as a nation is the health of the young women of to-day. We fail to realize that these women are to be the mothers of the next generation, and that in their hands will lie, in large measure, the power to form the characters and direct the destinies of the boys and girls of the future.

Woman Must Be Strong. - We may educate our young men all we wish, yet we cannot have national power through their strength alone. The women of the country must have this physical education if we are to have a people that is strong and hearty.

Upon the sound health and vigor of the young women of to-day will depend, to a large extent, the health and capacity of the future generations.

What are Girls Worth? - It is estimated that there are about twelve million young women in the United States between fourteen and twenty-eight years of age. What are these young women worth to the home, to the State, to the nation, to the human race? This is largely a question of physical health.

It is the stern duty of the mother to make this clear to her daughter, and it is the solemn duty of every young woman to thoroughly study the subject herself.

Not Prepared for Motherhood. - But largely through ignorance, often through indifference, these young girls become mothers when little prepared to do so, and they find not only their own health shattered thereby, but also that they are the mothers of weak, delicate, and perhaps deformed children.

Women Desire Children. - We read a great deal in the newspapers about how American women are doing everything they possibly can to prevent having children. This is not in accord with our experience. It is a slander on American womanhood, it is an outrageous falsehood.

In not one letter in a thousand which we receive do wives ask how childbearing may be prevented, while every day brings us many, many letters asking if something cannot be done in order that there may be a baby in the house.

A Healthy Mother and Child. - If you desire a child, you wish a healthy child; and you certainly desire to be a strong mother, one capable of caring for her infant in every way, and able to direct it all through its young life. Then let us give you some advice.

Why Some Women Do Not Have Children. - The reason why some wives do not have children may be entirely the fault of the husband; but if this is not the case, then in all probability there is some inflammation of the generative organs. This may be of recent or of old standing. It must be thoroughly removed before the impregnated egg from the ovary can become attached.

The Cure for this Condition. - That these changes can be brought about in a vast number of cases I have the most positive testimony. I have advised such wives to continually use Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound; and, with this treatment alone, such a healthy condition of the generative organs has been brought about that pregnancy has very soon followed. This is precisely according to nature’s laws, as I have indicated before.

Therefore, I say to every wife who desires a child, “Give Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound a thorough trial. If the fault is yours, the Compound will surely remove it, and the longing of your heart will be satisfied.”