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Ovaries, Congestion of. - This disease usually comes from taking cold during menstruation, from some injury, extra strain during lifting, or from some slow inflammatory process.

The symptoms are pain and tenderness in one or both sides of the lower part of the body. There is more or less continuous pain, which is always worse in standing or walking. The tenderness in the sides is increased during menstruation, especially if pressure be made over the part. Sometimes the pain is quite severe when the bowels move. There is always a feeling of distress, frequently associated with nausea, and often more or less fever.

Treatment. - For treatment the person should have as good surroundings as possible, and should take complete rest during menstruation.

In order to relieve the congestion in these parts and thoroughly control the pain, Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound should be taken at once.

Removal of Ovaries. - This condition of the ovaries gave rise to the practice of removing these organs. Just as soon as a woman consulted a physician and complained of tenderness over the ovaries, he was sure to advise her to have these organs removed.

Less Operating Than Formerly. - But this practice is rapidly passing away, and the very surgeons who were so anxious to operate a few years ago are now found advising against it. This is because of the serious results which follow this operation. While the pain and tenderness in these parts would be relieved, yet the profound and overwhelming impression made upon the nervous system, by producing such a remarkable change in the life of the woman, was even worse than the disease itself.

Results of Removal of Ovaries. - Women who have had their ovaries removed are frequently the victims of hysteria, melancholia, extreme nervous prostration, insomnia, and other distressing and dangerous complaints.

Surgical Operations Unnecessary. - Then, again, it is becoming well known over the whole country that Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound can relieve congestion and pain so thoroughly that the surgeon’s knife is unnecessary. I am so confident in this belief that it hardly seems possible that any woman would continue to suffer in this way, when it is so useless. I know we can make every woman perfectly comfortable and at rest, no matter how long she may have suffered, if she will only follow our simple directions.

The One Certain Cure. - All she has to do is to keep her bowels in good condition by taking Lydia E. Pinkham’s Liver Pills, and at the same time take a thorough course of treatment with the Vegetable Compound. If you have any friends or neighbors who are suffering from this disease, and who fear that it will lead to ovarian tumors, which must ultimately necessitate a dangerous surgical operation, I urge upon you to tell them the story of this Vegetable Compound.

Always Brings Good Cheer. - It has brought happiness to so many homes, has relieved so much suffering, and has cheered and comforted so many thousands of women, that I am sure you will be doing a great deed of charity if you will only aid in spreading this glad news.

Tumors of the Uterus. - The uterus is subject to tumors, or growths, the symptoms of which are much like those of chronic inflammation. As a rule, the person suffering from these tumors knows nothing whatever of their existence until some competent physician has told her such is the case.

Fibroid Tumors. - The most common tumors are known as fibroids. They are often small, and yet sometimes attain a considerable size.

Until within a few years surgeons were always anxious to operate upon these tumors; but this is now largely done away with, for they are not fatal in themselves, and only become serious when they attain an exceedingly large size, or, what is more frequently the case, cause excessive flowing during or between the menstrual periods.

Tumors Cured Without the Knife. - In these cases Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound shows its remarkable power to great advantage. By establishing a better circulation through the uterus, and relieving the congestion in the surrounding parts, and by giving strength and tone to the smaller blood-vessels, the hemorrhage is controlled and the inflammation is reduced. The tumors cease to grow, diminish in size, and disappear altogether under its influence.

Vagina, Inflammation of. - Occasionally there is an acute and most intense inflammation of the vagina caused by exposure to cold, irritating discharges from the womb, the use of pessaries, supporters, or some contagious disease.

Many women suffer from this complaint towards the close of menstruation, when the discharges are acrid and most irritating.

Promptly Cured. - This inflammation can be promptly cured by the frequent use of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Sanative Wash. Prepare this strictly according to the directions on each package, and use it as a vaginal injection two or three times a day. The cure will be hastened by employing a sitz-bath (sitting in a tub of hot water, or in a bath-tub).

To Prevent Extension of Disease. - In order to prevent the inflammation from extending into the uterus, it is always wise to take Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound for a few days after an attack of this kind.

Pruritus, Itching. - Pruritus, or itching of the external parts, is a most annoying affection, which often renders life itself almost unendurable. Its most frequent cause is due to irritating discharges from the uterus or vagina. Quite a large per cent of the women who are passing through the “change of life” are troubled in this way.

It is also a marked symptom of diabetes, or “sugar in the urine;” and if the itching is associated with an unusually large flow of urine, together with dryness of the mouth and extreme thirst, there is a probability that the person is suffering from diabetes. In such a case a specimen of the urine should be taken to a competent physician, and he should be asked to make a thorough examination of it in order to definitely determine this point.

Treatment. - The treatment of pruritus consists in keeping the parts thoroughly cleansed by frequent vaginal injections of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Sanative Wash, even three or four injections daily; and also bathing the external parts with the same solution.

Can Be Promptly Controlled. - Although medical writers so generally claim that this disease is almost impossible to relieve, and although they recommend the application of severe caustics, yet I have never found any difficulty in promptly controlling and curing this affection by the faithful and persistent use of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Sanative Wash as a local application and the Vegetable Compound for its constitutional effects.

Constitutional Treatment Necessary. - Although this disease shows itself in only one place, yet the difficulty is in the whole system, and can only be thoroughly removed by the internal use of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound. Thousands of letters from women tell that their life of agony, distress, and sleeplessness was changed to one of perfect comfort almost immediately upon the use of these remedies.

Bladder, Inflammation of. - Sometimes the inflammation of the vagina and uterus is so severe that it involves the bladder; or an irritable condition of the bladder may be produced by a pregnant uterus pressing forward against it; or the uterus may be tipped forward a trifle more than natural, and thus press against the bladder sufficient to cause irritation.

Symptoms. - The principal symptom of congestion or inflammation of the bladder is a frequent desire to pass the urine. This act is almost always painful, and is sometimes accompanied with spasmodic contractions of the walls of the bladder, causing severe straining.

May Become Chronic. - If treatment be neglected, this condition easily becomes chronic, when it is very difficult to cure. Prompt treatment in these cases is strongly urged because it can be cured in every instance, and thus an immense amount of suffering avoided.

Treatment. - If possible, the person should remain in bed or recline on a couch. The diet should consist largely of liquids, nothing being better than good milk. Meats, rich soups, and all pastries should be avoided.

Mrs. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound should be taken at once, because of its most happy effect in relieving congestion and inflammation of all the pelvic organs. Indeed, here is one instance where the Vegetable Compound is alike useful to both sexes. The most flattering testimonials have come from men who have tried this remedy “because it was in the house,” and who were most happily surprised to find that the relief was prompt and the cure speedy. For all irritable conditions of the bladder, whether of recent or old standing, I do not believe there is a remedy in the world that holds out such great promises of complete relief equal to Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound.

The Menopause, or “Change of Life." - This is a cessation of menstruation. It usually occurs between the ages of forty and fifty years, although frequently before and even after this time.

Symptoms. - The person first notices that although menstruation had previously been regular, yet now it has become irregular, not appearing more frequently than once every six weeks or two months; or possibly passing over a month, and then appearing regularly again for the following two or three months; or the flow may be less and less month after month, until gradually it disappears altogether; or, not infrequently, menstruation ceases abruptly, without any warning whatever.

A Natural Condition. - The change of life should be a perfectly natural condition, not associated with any unpleasant symptom whatever. Yet this is rarely the case, while often the suffering at this time is most intense in every way.

Affects Nervous System. - The most severe effects are frequently produced on the nervous system. These are known as “heat flashes.” It is a marked symptom with a great many women, and is described as a sensation of waves of heat passing over the body. Sometimes these are very severe, causing the face to become very red, producing dizziness and intense headache.

Often there is melancholia, great depression, and not infrequently complete prostration of the nervous system. The digestion may be disturbed, producing constipation, diarrhoea, dyspepsia, loss of appetite, offensive breath, biliousness, etc. Most marked changes are certainly taking place in the whole system, and it is but natural that every part of the body should be profoundly impressed.

Not Expensive Treatment. - I cannot urge too strongly upon my readers the necessity of their taking Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound all through these remarkable changes. It is not a great expense to take this Vegetable Compound in moderate doses four times a day for weeks, or even months, during these changes.

A Critical Time. - If this period of life be passed over in safety, then there may be years and years of robust health remaining; while if it be not attended to properly, the remainder of the life may be one prolonged day of agony. Even when persons have suffered during all their menstrual life, they can now have perhaps a score or more of years of complete relief if they properly care for themselves during this change.

Keep Under Its Influence. - Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound is a great tonic in itself, bracing up the whole nervous system, aiding digestion, and causing all the forces of the body to act more in accord with nature.

Then it has a special influence over the uterus and ovaries; indeed, so marked is its power to correct disease that all the trying days of the “change of life” may be passed over in perfect safety, if only the system be continuously kept under its influence.

May Be Made Easy and Natural. - Women who have been dreading this change, and who have been made to look upon it as something horrible to pass through, may now lay all such anxiety aside, for Mrs. Pinkham long ago solved the problem of making this time of life as healthy and natural as any other.

It is not claiming too much to say that if women everywhere will only take Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound through this trying time, they will come out of it feeling better in every way than they have felt for many years. =If you do not understand your ailments, write to Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass. Her advice is free and always helpful. Such letters are strictly confidential and answered with the help of women only.=