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Feed my lambs! the Saviour said,
Near two thousand years ago;
If we truly love the Lord,
By obedience, love we’ll show.

What was said to Peter then,
In that distant age and clime,
Sure is binding on us now,
Here and to the end of time.

If our Shepherd then we love,
His commandments we’ll obey;
Let us true disciples prove,
Feed his lambs as best we may.

Twice twelve years have passed this day,
Since our Sabbath School commenced;
Countless lessons have been learned,
Much instruction been dispensed.

Let us up and doing be,
Sow the seed all times and hours;
Cast our bread on water even,
Tax with vigor all our powers.

May the teachers now engaged,
Courage take, and persevere;
They’ll not fail of their reward,
Though they may not meet it here.

God is faithful, who hath said,
(Let the thought allay your fears,)
“They with joy shall surely reap,
Who have sown in prayers and tears.”

Then sow the seed with prayers and tears;
Never doubt, but faithful be;
Though thou reapest not for years,
A rich harvest thou wilt see.

Happy faces now we miss,
Who were wont these seats to fill;
Loved and lovely passed away,
Yet they’re fresh in memory still.

Soon their earthly race was run,
In the morning called away;
Others soon may follow them,
May all hear the Saviour say,

“Well done, faithful servant; thou
Hast o’er few things faithful been,
I will make the ruler now
Over many enter in.”