Read VII - Plain as the glistering planets shine of Songs of Travel and other verses, free online book, by Robert Louis Stevenson, on

   Plain as the glistering planets shine
      When winds have cleaned the skies,
   Her love appeared, appealed for mine,
      And wantoned in her eyes.

   Clear as the shining tapers burned
      On Cytherea’s shrine,
   Those brimming, lustrous beauties turned,
      And called and conquered mine.

   The beacon-lamp that Hero lit
      No fairer shone on sea,
   No plainlier summoned will and wit,
      Than hers encouraged me.

   I thrilled to feel her influence near,
      I struck my flag at sight. 
   Her starry silence smote my ear
      Like sudden drums at night.

   I ran as, at the cannon’s roar,
      The troops the ramparts man ­
   As in the holy house of yore
      The willing Eli ran.

   Here, lady, lo! that servant stands
      You picked from passing men,
   And should you need nor heart nor hands
      He bows and goes again.