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(With a present of a Pearl)

   The Silver Ship, my King ­that was her name
   In the bright islands whence your fathers came ­
   The Silver Ship, at rest from winds and tides,
   Below your palace in your harbour rides: 
   And the seafarers, sitting safe on shore,
   Like eager merchants count their treasures o’er. 
   One gift they find, one strange and lovely thing,
   Now doubly precious since it pleased a king.

   The right, my liege, is ancient as the lyre
   For bards to give to kings what kings admire. 
   ’Tis mine to offer for Apollo’s sake;
   And since the gift is fitting, yours to take. 
   To golden hands the golden pearl I bring: 
   The ocean jewel to the island king.

Honolulu, Feb. 3, 1889.