Read XLI - We uncommiserate pass into the night of Songs of Travel and other verses, free online book, by Robert Louis Stevenson, on

   We uncommiserate pass into the night
   From the loud banquet, and departing leave
   A tremor in men’s memories, faint and sweet
   And frail as music.  Features of our face,
   The tones of the voice, the touch of the loved hand,
   Perish and vanish, one by one, from earth: 
   Meanwhile, in the hall of song, the multitude
   Applauds the new performer.  One, perchance,
   One ultimate survivor lingers on,
   And smiles, and to his ancient heart recalls
   The long forgotten.  Ere the morrow die,
   He too, returning, through the curtain comes,
   And the new age forgets us and goes on.