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Sir Harry Sprightly. Mr._Mills_.

Brigadier Blenheim, just return’d from the Army. Mr._Wilks_

Mr. Nicknack, a Beau-Merchant. Mr._Cibber_.

Major Bramble, a factious old Fellow. Mr._Johnson._

Master Totty, a great Boy. Mr._Bullock_.

Knapsack, an Attendant on the Collonel. Mr._Pinkethman_.

Shrimp, Sir Harry’s Valet. Mr._Norris_.


Lady Rodomont. Mrs._Oldfield_.

Lady Toss-up. Mrs._Porter_.

Mrs. Lovejoy, Cousin to Lady Rodomont. Mrs._Bradshaw_.

Mrs. Flimsy, Lady Toss-up’s Woman. Mrs._Saunders_.

Orange-Woman. Mr. Pack.

Mercer, Manto-Maker, Sempstress, Toyman, India-Woman, and other Attendants.


In the Month of December.