Read CHAPTER XV. “WE HAVE NO MIGHT.” 2 CHRON. xx. 12. of Broken Bread from an Evangelist's Wallet , free online book, by Thomas Champness, on

Yet we need it very much. We are in great weakness, and we need power, for there is a great multitude come against us. It is not the wisest policy to ignore the strength of our enemy. Jehoshaphat did not. It is well for us to know the strength of our foes, but let it not lead us to despair. Who shall number the host of the foes against whom we must fight? They come to rob us of our inheritance, and if we submit, we shall be enslaved.

We have no might, but we know who has. The pious king said (verse 6), “In Thine hand is there not power and might, Art not Thou God?” Is there more than one God? Some Christians talk as though the Lord had been obliged to give up some of His power to Bradlaugh & Co. Where is the sign of a divided kingship? Could all the host of God’s foes have prevented the earthquakes? Do they know when the next will take place? It is still true that God “shaketh the earth and the pillars thereof tremble” (Job i

“This awful God is ours,
Our Father and our love.”

We know how to get might, for we can pray. Jehoshaphat did not first of all review his troops, he called a meeting for prayer. The nation fasted and prayed, and the king led the devotions of his people. What a prayer! Have you noticed the four questions he puts to his God? And with what pathos he says “Our eyes are upon Thee!” Shall not the people of God imitate Judah? “They gathered themselves together to ask help of the Lord.” Why should we not make this the motto of our weekly prayer meetings

To ask help.

Not only the men, but the women and children came to the meeting. Would not the mothers and the little ones pray? They knew that their foes would carry them away captive, if God did not help. Would it not be well to encourage our children to cry to the Lord? Would He not hear them, think you?

Promise of the needed help soon came. The Holy Ghost fell upon one of the sons of Asaph, and he soon told his message:

The battle is not yours, but god’s.”

He always makes His people’s cause His own, when they trust Him. Shall we not live so that our lives shall become part of the divine estate? So that we cannot be hurt without its injuring the Lord of heaven? “The Lord will be with you on the morrow.” Is some preacher reading this on the Saturday night? It may be some young Minister, or Local Preacher, who is fearing for his reputation, or for the ark of God. Brother, read over with care this address of the Levite, -17. Then, like the godly monarch, shew others how to praise the Lord. It is well to notice that the people, led by their ministers, stood up to praise the Lord, and on the next day, before the victory, they praised the Lord. What a scene it must have been! How the angels would keep time with their harps, as the choir sang the anthem, “Praise the Lord! for His mercy endureth for ever.”

They needed not to fight.

The Lord did that. He sent His hosts, and all that Judah needed to do was to gather the spoil. When shall we spoil our foes? When shall we loot the devil? How one’s fingers itch to take his goods! The time is coming when we shall gather the wealth and power he now possesses, when the hosts of darkness shall come against the people of God only to be slain; and when there shall be no difficulty in raising money for good objects, for the devil’s coffers shall be at our service. Let us not lose sight of the fact that the same week the great multitude came against the Lord’s inheritance, there were more precious jewels than could be carried away, and the place where the foe was encamped came to be called

The valley of blessing.”

Poverty is hard,
but it makes
A good Grindstone.