Read CHAPTER XXVII. “CAST A STONE AT HER!” JOHN viii. 7. of Broken Bread from an Evangelist's Wallet , free online book, by Thomas Champness, on

Cast a stone at whom? At a woman! Why not at a man?

There was A man, why not stone him?

Just so, but then the Scribes and Pharisees did not bring him. It is so easy to punish the woman, and yet it is not proved that she was worse than her paramour. But is it not the way of the world to make the woman bear all the shame and all the suffering? We say, “She is a fallen woman;” and yet we speak of a man who breaks the seventh commandment as one who is “sowing his wild oats!” Why is he not called a fallen man? If a woman falls, we put her outside our sympathies and our regard, and we may be right is so doing. But at the same time we don’t put the man outside. He can come into our drawing-rooms. He may dine at the same table with our daughters. If we saw them speak to the woman, we should cry out with loathing, “Come away from her!” but

We don’t cry out when they laugh at the jokes of A man who has fallen!

Why is this?

“Cast a stone at her!” Who shall stone her? “He that is without sin, let him be the first to pick up a stone.” Now, then, reader, why don’t you throw a stone? Nay, but I have no right, say you, I am not without sin. Is this to be the rule, none are to punish the fallen but those who have never tripped? Why, this would silence many who are very ready to speak against these unhappy sisters. We make no apologies for the crimes of those who have yielded to temptation, but we do ask, is there room for our rebukes when we are not without sin?

Perhaps this book may be read by our sisters who have gone astray. To such, we say, in the words of Jesus, (verse 11.)

Sin no more!”

You are not obliged to do so. No one is. There is always a way made for those who truly repent. Call upon Jesus, the Friend of sinners, and He will open a door of hope for you. To persevere in sin, is only to ruin soul and body too. Perhaps you have parents living, who long to see you, and who would be glad to take you to their hearts. Give them the joy of having you near them once more. Is it not in your power to answer their prayer

“O god! Give me my daughter once more!”

If you are absolutely friendless, so far as earth is concerned, you have your Heavenly Father. He is always within call, and He has said, in His word, “Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” On the other hand, there is the “Father of lies.” He who tempted the first woman, and led her astray, and taught her to lead the man wrong. This evil one is whispering in your ear “There is no hope.” “It is too late.” “Better have a short life and a merry one.”

Heed him not, sister!

He is a liar! He means thy destruction! God calls, and calls thee to pardon and peace. Obey Him, and hope shall spring again, and light return to thy poor heart.