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One of the Master’s most wonderful parables begins, “BEHOLD, A SOWER WENT FORTH TO sow.” There are many lessons in that instructive analogy.

YOU CANNOT SOW WHEAT ON THE PARLOUR CARPET. You must go forth. If the world could be converted by self-indulgent theorists, we should have had the Millénium here long ago. It is impossible to read any Christian, newspaper without coming across some of these drawing-room farmers men who can sit at their fireside, and show you how to do it! Ask them where their barns are, and they will have excuses to make as to why their plans have not succeeded. We have heard these gentlemen hold forth in a Quarterly Meeting, and have had hard work to keep our temper, and have not always been supposed to have succeeded. We may, however, settle it that Mr. Plan-others-their-work could put all the harvest he ever had in his waistcoat pocket!

Would you need a waggon for your gains, you must leave ease and dignity behind, and trudge over the heavy furrows, seed basket in hand.

Secondly, as the preachers say,

YOU MUST SOW WHERE THE PLOUGH HAS BEEN FIRST. A great deal of seed is lost because the ground has not been prepared. Of late years the cry has been “Believe! Believe!” But what must we believe? “Believe on Jesus,” say they. Yes, but have they believed what the Bible says about sin? Those who do not believe in the guiltiness of sin, cannot believe on Christ. Till men see they have been in the wrong, they will not understand the “righteousness which is by faith.”

Let the ploughshare of repentance make the land ready for the seed, and then there will be some hope of lasting success. Some other time we may have something to say about the birds, which pick up the seed; but for the present let it suffice that we insist upon the ploughman doing his work before the sower comes to do his. We have a notion that it would be well if the seed-basket were left at home for a while, and some one were to take hold of the plough. Before to-day we have found, when we have gone to begin a Mission, that it was of little use to preach Christ as a Saviour. Men and women who are not convinced of the sins of their life, need to be told of the punishment which awaits those who die with their sins unpardoned. We have been too mealy-mouthed, and have feared to offend our hearers; and so the seed has fallen on hard ground, and the birds only have a successful Mission!