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  Where is David? . . .  O God’s people,
  Saul has passed, the good and great. 
  Mourn for Saul the first-anointed
  Head and shoulders o’er the state.

  He was found among the Prophets: 
  Judge and monarch, merged in one. 
  But the wars of Saul are ended
  And the works of Saul are done.

  Where is David, ruddy shepherd,
  God’s boy-king for Israel? 
  Mystic, ardent, dowered with beauty,
  Singing where still waters dwell?

  Prophet, find that destined minstrel
  Wandering on the range to-day,
  Driving sheep and crooning softly
  Psalms that cannot pass away.

  “David waits,” the prophet answers,
  “In a black notorious den,
  In a cave upon the border
  With four hundred outlaw men.

  “He is fair, and loved of women,
  Mighty-hearted, born to sing: 
  Thieving, weeping, erring, praying,
  Radiant royal rebel-king.

  “He will come with harp and psaltry,
  Quell his troop of convict swine,
  Quell his mad-dog roaring rascals,
  Witching them with words divine

       “They will ram the walls of Zion! 
       They will win us Salem hill,
       All for David, Shepherd David
       Singing like a mountain rill!”