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  The wide Pacific waters
   And the Atlantic meet. 
  With cries of joy they mingle,
  In tides of love they greet. 
  Above the drowned ages
  A wind of wooing blows:
  The red rose woos the lotos,
  The lotos woos the rose . . .

  The lotos conquered Egypt. 
   The rose was loved in Rome. 
  Great India crowned the lotos: 
  (Britain the rose’s home). 
  Old China crowned the lotos,
  They crowned it in Japan. 
  But Christendom adored the rose
  Ere Christendom began . . .

  The lotos speaks of slumber: 
  The rose is as a dart. 
   The lotos is Nirvana: 
  The rose is Mary’s heart. 
  The rose is deathless, restless,
  The splendor of our pain: 
   The flush and fire of labor
  That builds, not all in vain. . . .

  The genius of the lotos
  Shall heal earth’s too-much fret. 
  The rose, in blinding glory,
  Shall waken Asia yet. 
  Hail to their loves, ye peoples! 
  Behold, a world-wind blows,
  That aids the ivory lotos
  To wed the red red rose!