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  [Written while a field-worker in the Anti-Saloon League of Illinois.]

  King Arthur’s men have come again. 
  They challenge everywhere
  The foes of Christ’s Eternal Church. 
  Her incense crowns the air. 
  The heathen knighthood cower and curse
  To hear the bugles ring,
  but spears are set, the charge is on,
  wise Arthur shall be king!

  And Cromwell’s men have come again,
  I meet them in the street. 
  Stern but in this no way of thorns
  Shall snare the children’s feet. 
  The reveling foemen wreak but waste,
  A sodden poisonous band. 
  Fierce Cromwell builds the flower-bright towns,
  and A more sunlit land!

  And Lincoln’s men have come again. 
  Up from the South he flayed,
  The grandsons of his foes arise
  In his own cause arrayed. 
  They rise for freedom and clean laws
  High laws, that shall endure. 
  Our god establishes his arm
  and makes the battle sure!